There are already multiple teams that have introduced their new jerseys ahead of the next 2020-2021 season that will start on December 22. Apart from the home and away uniforms, there are also some other designs that remind us of a very historical season for a specific franchise or some famous celebrities.These are known as the ‘city edition’.

Update: ‘Earned Edition

The NBA has presented 16 new jerseys for those teams who made it to the Playoffs last season. These are pretty basic designs meant to tribute the franchises that reached the series.

Atlanta Hawks:

The team led by Trae Young have renewed all their jerseys, some of them under the Jordan logo, and they have also presented a special edition with the MLK initials from Martin Luther King, an activist who fought for the African Americans ´rights.

Atalanta Hawks 20-21 jerseys

Atalanta Hawks MLK jersey
Web Hawks.

Boston Celtics:

Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart and young Taco Fall´s franchise reached the Conference Finals on the last Playoffs, but Miami beat them 4-2. What we already know is the city edition they will use this season. It is a pretty basic jersey that has not made a good impression on the fans. It is white and you can read Boston celtics in green. They honore the bands from their arena that remind their rings.


Brooklyn Nets:

The NewYorker franchise can be a surprise this season. With Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and their latest addition, James Harden, they have now formed an unbeatable Big Three that can be a serious for the ring. Furthermore, coach Steve Nash´s hiring will bring a lot to talk about. The Nets city edition is a tribute to the 90-91 season, which makes us remember some players like the deceased Dražen Petrović. Apart from this, another pattern has been leaked where you can see the name of the team written in a graffiti style.

Brooklyn Nets jersey
Nets City Edition
Leak Nets Vía:
Irving Nets

Dražen Petrović City Edition
Dražen Petrović. Fuente: Getty Images

Charlotte Hornets:

Michael Jordan´s franchise picked LaMelo Ball in the Draft and have two main jerseys for the season. The first one is white and has blue stripes and the second one is just the opposite. Two very similar uniforms to the ones they wore between 1997 and 2002. The team from North Carolina have also announced their new city edition, with a greenish blue and golden and black stripes.

Charlotte Hornets jerseys
Charlotte Hornets website.
Devonte Graham Charlotte Hornets City Edition

Chicago Bulls:

The mythical franchise from Illinois have not returned to the peak after their successful days in the 90s with Michael Jordan and company, but they currently count on some interesting players like Lauri Markkanen or Zach LaVine. The team has presented a very elegant city edition “inspired by a century of progress”, a black one with golden and red stripes. “A jersey honoring the best city in the world”, according to the organization.

Chicago Bulls new city edition

Cleveland Cavaliers:

Kevin Love´s team can´t find their way after LeBron James´exit in 2018. Cavs´city edition is very peculiar, with a design that reminds to the Rock & Roll history in Cleveland. in fact, they launch their jersey in a partnership with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It is a black design with garnet and yellow stripes. Their typography is very different to the one we are used to see. It has a retro look.

Sexton Cleveland Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers website.

Dallas Mavericks:

Doncic, Porzingis and Marianovic´s franchise have presented their new uniforms on a very special way. Kristaps Porziņģis has posted a video on his social networks where he reveals the jersey that had already been leaked. Their new jerseys would be white with golden stripes and another one completely green with white and blue stripes, a design that we have already seen multiple times.

Denver Nuggets:

Jokic and Jamal Murray´s franchise gave the surprise on the Playoffs by defeating tough opponents like the Utah Jazz or Los Angeles Clippers, both of them through comebacks and getting to the Game 7. Regarding to the new season, their biggest sign has been the Argentinian “Campazzo”. The organization from colorado have already introduced their city edition with a very similar design to the one used by the Italian soccer club AS Roma, with garnet as their main color along with orange and yellow stripes. How far can the Mile High City get?


Detroit Pistons:

Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose´s franchise are not living their best moments. After finishing 13th in the East Conference, they are trying to strengthened themselves in this market. We will see what preseason holds for us. The team from Michigan will play this season with a city edition made out of featured colors from the franchise: blue and red stripes. In the chest you can read “Motor City”, in honor to the city of Detroit.

Detroit Pistons website.

Golden State Warriors:

Curry´s team did not have a good season last year. His leader injuries proved that some other key players that have left like Kevin Durant diminished the squad. If injuries allow it, the Splash Brothers and company will try to return the franchise where it belongs. The guys from San Francisco have come up with a jersey that pays tribute to Oakland, where the team played 47 years.

Curry Oakland jersey
“Oakland Forever”. Photo: @warriors.

Houston Rockets:

The franchise from Houston is experiencing a moving market. John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins´arrival plus Westbrook and James Harden´s exits are their main news. The team from Texas has introduced a peculiar city edition. It is a blue jersey with red and white stripes. We can read on their chest H-Town, a name that we have already seen in their jerseys in other seasons.

Houston Rockets City Edition

Indiana Pacers:

The franchise from Indiana finished 4th on the East Conference, but they were swept by Miami Heat in the first round of the Playoffs in a series that were expected to be tighter. Pacers´city edition has a retro look that we have already seen in other teams. The jersey gets back the vertical stripes that remind to the Reggie Miller´s era. The main color is blue and the stripes are yellow. There are also white stripes on the sides. Their motto is “Power IN Pinstripes”.

Reggie Miller. Vía Pinterest.

Los Ángeles Clippers:

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard´s franchise did not succeed last season. They fell in the Conference semifinals against the Denver Nuggets. This market they have strengthened themselves with Serge Ibaka´s addition but… will that be enough to substitute Montrezl Harrell? Too many unknowns with these Clippers. Their city edition is almost the same one to last season´s, both have been designed by Mister Cartoon. The design is black with white letters. We can also see white, blue and red stripes their main colors.

Los Angeles Lakers:

They will wear again the blue and white uniforms, the colors the franchised used during their time at Minneapolis. What we know for sure is that LeBron James will return to the 6 number that he had at Miami and will let Anthony Davis have the 23.

LeBron new LA jersey
Edit by Grant Goldberg (@GrantGoldberg).

Memphis Grizzlies:

The team that saw the Gasol Brothers´growth have a bright future ahead of them with Ja Morant, who earned the Rookie of the Year Award last season. Officially presented, their new city edition is very similar to the one they used by the end of the 90s and the beginning of 2000, the first years that the franchise spent in the city of Memphis in order to celebrate their 20th anniversary in that city. It is a very similar jersey to the one Pau Gasol wore in his rookie season. It is black with blue and red stripes. They have also announced a new similar city edition in black color but with purple and golden stripes. Ja Morat has been the one in charge of showing it off under the slogan “grit, grind and groove”.


Miami Heat:

No doubt that Miami were the surprise last season. They made it all the way to the Finals and fell in Game 6. Jimmy Butler´s addition was essential, the young talented Herro and the renewed Adebayo were all the key to give the surprise. The franchise from Miami maintain their Vice line, with an 80´s retro look. We already saw black, pink, blue or white jerseys that brought a lot of talk. It has been a striking design. The jersey mixes pink and blue tones and with black letters and stripes.

Herro Miami Heat

Milwaukee Bucks:

They were the best team at victories during the regular season, but Giannis Antetokounmpo´s squad fell in the conference semifinals to the Miami Heat. They will go for more this year. They can´t make the same mistake, but their rivals are strengthening themselves very well this market. The Buck´s city edition honors the Big Lakes around Milwaukee, that is wehre their blue color comes from. Their jersey´s motto is “the gathering place by the water”. This is their way to show the unity of Milwaukee. Moreover, stripes create an optical effect when light is on them, as they look like they get wet.

Milwaukee Bucks website.

Minnesota Timberwolves:

The franchise that got #1 pick from the draft Anthony Edwards has experienced aa very active market, where Ricky Rubio´s unexpected return has been their most outstanding addition. After a few days where they have been posting clues on their social networks, they have finally presented their city edition. A black jersey with phosphorite green stripes.

New Orleans Pelicans:

Zion Williamson y Lonzo Ball´s team have not announced their special jersey yet, but it has already been leaked. It is a very simple pattern, with a red strip on top white in the middle, and blue at the bottom of the shorts, where you can read NOLA recreating the flag of the city. The design is made out of New Orleans´old flag. Lis´colors are not left out, the city´s emblem.

Pelicans city edition

New York Knicks:

The franchise has been performing very poorly for several years, one of the worse in the league. This market they have added to their squad players like Austin Rivers, who could improve the team. This is an emblematic franchise whose name is bigger than their team. The knicks´city edition is a black jersey with a circle in the middle where you can read “New York Knicks City Never Sleeps”, the city of New York´s motto. Furthermore, the jersey has been designed by the prestigious artist Ronnie Fieg.

New York Knicks 2020 City Edition
@ronniefieg via Instagram.

Oklahoma City Thunder:

The franchise made it to the Playoffs last season and fell on a hard-fought loss to the Rockets in game 7. The team has been very active during this market, as they have been looking for a rebuild process through a variety of future draft picks. The organization have presented their city edition in the middle of the market breaking news. The jersey honores the State of Oklahoma, being this the first time that the franchise wears a uniform based on their state and not the city. The jersey is black, blue and orange, with the word Oklahoma by the chest.

Oklahoma Thunder city edition

Orlando Magic:

The hosts from the bubble ended on the 8th position last season, which allowed them to advance to the Playoffs, but they got swept by the Bucks. Will the Gordon and Mo Mamba´s squad be able to get further this year? What we know for sure is the city edition jersey they will show off. White uniform with orange stripes that symbolize “the bright future of tomorrow”.

Orlando Magic 20-21 jersey
Orlando Magic website.

Philadelphia 76ers:

The 76ers, which failed to advance to the second round in the Playoffs, have already revealed their city edition jersey, a black one with the shape of the historical Boathouse Row neighborhood, with their famous houses by the Schuylkill river.

76ers city edition jersey
76ers website.

Phoenix Suns:

The design is black with an orange and purple stripe in the middle, where you can read The Valley. The presentation has been pretty original, as it has been under a very western atmosphere.


Portland Trail Blazers:

Another franchise that pays tribute to their city through their uniforms. The brown jersey has red, blue and yellow stripes in the middle that draw the Oregon mountains. How far away can Damian Lillard and company get?


Sacramento Kings:

The franchise from California did not make it to Playoffs last season. Buddy Hield´s team will try to return to the series, but that seems to be complicated. The Kings city edition is a black jersey with blue and red stripes , and we can read the word Sactown in their chest. This is a very symbolic uniform: the black color represents the frican American community influence , the red reminds to the Sactown jersey, the blue to the retro “Baby Blues” and the stripes pay tribute to their uniform from the 90s. In their official image below we can see De’Aaron Fox with a new look, no dreads this time.

De’Aaron Fox Kings City Edition

San Antonio Spurs:

The franchise from Texas did not make it to Playoffs last season after 22 years in a row advancing to them. Changes are expected on the team, starting with their leader, DeRozan, who could leave before the beginning of the new season. The Spurs´city edition has a retro aspect, which has been named #SpursFiesta. It is a black jersey with purple, pink and orange stripes by the chest, which were the colors from the team´s logo in the 90s.


Toronto Raptors:

The Toronto Raptors were the Champions in 2019. Lowry´s team play one red jersey, another white one, and a black one, all of them with the same design.

Toronto Raptors jerseys

Utah Jazz:

Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert´s franchise ended on the 6th spot in the Western Conference and fell to the Denver Nuggets in game 7 of the Playoffs. If we talk about nice and original jerseys, Utah Jazz always earn a spot among them. This season they have presented a uniform with a warm colors´gradient that end in black. They have also added these colors to their court.


Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.


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