The point guard from North Carolina is shinning early in the season with a Rockets that are dealing with a lot of issues

He arrived to Houston in the NBA player market in exchange for Russell Westbrook. A trade that seemed to be even, but time puts everything in place and while John Wall is getting back to his best level with the Rockets, Westbrook can´t make the Wizards to change their dynamic.

Back on his best shape:

It might be too early to say that he is back to his highest level, but coming back to the court after 735 days out, the point guard has proved that he has a lot to provide the Rockets with. He scored 28points, picked up 4 rebounds and gave 6 assists in the game against the Sacramento Kings (Harden was out). Moreover, he was active defensively, as he registered 3 steals and 2 blocks.

I doubted about the regularity that Wall could have in our Youtube video, but the player is giving reasons to the Rockets fans to have confidence on him, as nobody remembers Russell Westbrook anymore. The point guard for the Wizards has not fit in his new team yet and started off the season on a 0-5 record from which they are now bouncing back.

John Wall Rockets
John Wall before going into the court. Source: Rockets website.

Are problems over with the Houston Rockets?

It is hard to predict how far the Houston Rockets can get, but we are certainly seeing that bad news are slowly disappearing. With James Harden´s exit to the Nets we are witnessing a more united team, nothing to do with the bad vibes that ‘The Beard’ left. However, Stephen Silas has not found the way to run the team yet and the recent negative outcomes are not helping at all. These Rockets are a completely different squad compared to last year. We have not even passed the first half of the regular season, but everything makes us thing that the Rockets will have a tough year.

Houston Rockets players
Houston Rockets players gather up before the game against the Kings. Source: Rockets website.

New names are arising: Christian Wood

The 25 years old center also joined the Rockets in this market. He proved that he has a lot of play to give and a bright future ahead. He had a double-double with 20 points, 15 rebounds (12 defensive ones), assisted once, stole another one, and blocked four times. He is a player that gives a lot to the team, specially defensively, one of the most weak aspects of the squad in past seasons.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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