Juancho Hernangómez has had an intense summer, as he has been in three different teams in just a month. He will finally play for the Boston Celtics, which makes him the first Spanish player ever to play for the mythical franchise from Massachusetts. Now Juancho is looking to extend this story and make it far into the season.

A controversial trade from Minnesota:

Juancho Hernangómez has experienced a convulsed summer. He started with the hope to play in the Tokyo Olympics along with ‘La Familia’, but an injury on his shoulder during a preparation game against France held him back. The Minnesota Timberwolves decided to not take any risk and, even though Juancho could have recovered and make it to the Olympics on time, they did not allow him to participate in the tournament.

These were horrible news for ‘La Familia’, as the Timberwolves had taken away a key player for the team. Just a few days later, Minnesota traded Ricky Rubio to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the middle of the Olympics. Another unfortunate movement, as the Spanish point guard seemed to finally have settled down on his return home.

It was clear that the Timberwolves wanted to have Juancho Hernangómez under control in order to trade him and improve their roster, and the offer came. The Spanish forward headed to the Memphis Grizzlies after a year and a half in Minnesota in exchange for Patrick Beverly, a veteran player. Was the trade worth it? Time will call it.

New adventure in Boston:

Juancho Hernangómez was not in fact part of the plans for the Grizzlies. Woj announced the trade on September 3rd but it was official on the 15th. This way, Juancho headed to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Kris Dunn and Carsen Edwards, becoming the first Spanish player ever to play for the most successful franchise in history along with the Lakers (17 titles).

What should we expect from Juancho Hernangómez at the Boston Celtics? The player can certainly progress and learn considerably from teammates like Jayson TatumJaylen BrownMarcus Smart or Al Horford. Being a starter will not be easy, but he can be an important player in the rotation. This is a great addition for the Celtics, which increase their chances to compete against rivals like the Knicks, the Bulls or the Heat to battle for the lead in the even Eastern Conference.

Will Boston be the place where Juancho takes hold? How far will the Celtics make it this season?

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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