Zach LaVine is showing an excellent level this season, as he is the Chicago Bulls´leader in search of making it to the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. The 26 years old shooting guard is ambitious and wants to succeed with the Bulls. It is true that LaVine was not lucky at all during his first years in the NBA, but he is now a consolidated player and has earned everyone´s respect.

A versatile All-Star:

Zach LaVine became famous in the All-Star Slam Dunk Contests from 2015 and 2016, as he won both editions. In fact, the second one is considered by many fans as the best Slam Dunk Contest of all times. He faced off Aaron Gordon, one of the Orlando Magic franchises´s players. Well deserved or not, the Minnesota Timberwolves player by then earned the award and the recognition from the crowd.

He also took part on the last All-Star Slam Dunk Contest, which was won by Stephen Curry, and he was also part of Kevin Durant´s team, which lost the game. The shooting guard´s participation in this event always creates expectation due to his background. It is not easy to make it to the Slam Dunk Contest, Three Point Contest, and being an All-Star. Zach LaVine has something special and proves that he is a very versatile player on the court.

Present… and Chicago´s future?

There is not question that Zach LaVine is the best players in the Chicago Bulls. In fact, there are several fans who believe that he is Michael Jordan´s legacy. This season he is averaging 28,5 points; 5,1 rebounds and 5 assists per game. However, his game is beyond numbers. He adds a lot of versatility, he is a constant threat in zone and a great shooter. He wants to put Chicago back to the place where they belong to along with Lauri Markkanen.

It is also true that Chicago have not been able to resurface after Jordan´s era. Derrick Rose managed to become the youngest MVP in the NBA history back with the Bulls in 2011, but injuries affected his career and so the franchise´s chances to get far away. The organization from Illinois are now 10th in the East Conference, as they try to earn a spot in the Playoffs. There were rumors on Zach LaVine being traded to the Knicks, but nothing serious at all. He is maybe wasting his best years in a team that can´t guarantee to make big things, but the Bulls really need to retain him if they want to have any chance.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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