White and black do not exist in football, neither in life. In fact, gray tones are the usual. There are some specific cases in players that perform the opposite way in two or more different clubs for some reason. This is the joint of Jesse Lingard: he has gone from being a first row spectator at Old Trafford to get all the spotlights at the London Stadium.

Loan to West Ham:

The 28 years old Englishman was left out of Manchester United´s call-ups since the second part of last season. Ole Gunnar Solskjær proved that he was not counting on him since that time. This is why he looked for the best possible solution: a loan that could potentially allow him to play regularly.

[Gareth Southgate] told me: “If I were you, I would stay in the Premier League”

Jesse Lingard on an interview to West Ham (03/25/21)

Lingard himself admitted that the ‘Three Lions‘ head coach played an important role on deciding his destination. In the end it was David Moyes who bet for him, as they both knew each other from his time as the ‘Red Devils‘ coach.

Instant impact:

Lingard has played seven games since February 3rd and his numbers in this period talk by themselves: five goals and three assists. He has been a starter in all those five meets and he is already a key part for Moyes´lineups. His speed, agility and dribbling are a bless for the Scottish coach, who is playing him as a striker but starting from the left side.

This way, the playing style by the English man is based on getting the ball open from the left and dribble diagonally towards the defenders in order to either look for shots or connect with other teammates. We have also been able to watch him as a ‘playmaker’. All in all, Lingard is making the most out of him with the ‘Hammers’ and it is just too complicated to not enjoy him playing in the last few games.

The West Ham attacker is one of the players in the Premier League with the best shape at the moment. Only Kelechi Iheanacho has scored more goles than him in the last 10 games -six-. No doubt that he is one of the best signs of the season in England. All of these has made Southgate´s call-up for the National Team a well-deserved one: Lingard has returned to the English combined team two years later.

It is clear that the explayer for Manchester United is going through a great moment and we could be even talking about a ‘Renaissance man’. However, if there is something that has characterized his career so far is his irregularity along with some high peaks once in awhile. It can be either that we are witnessing is definitive confirmation as a top player in the Premier League, or just another positive run. We will keep an eye on him to find out.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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