Nobody likes international breaks. They substitute clubs´ competitions for games that the average fans do not even know what they are for. They interrupt the excitement from the leagues right in the key moment of the season. They force players to travel abroad in order to play trap and unnecessary meets in the middle of a packed calendar. They put extra minutes in their legs and, as a consequence, they have their mind on everything they will battle for once they return to their clubs.

The inconvenient international break cuts off the race for LaLiga title right in the most interesting part. A chronic virus, the FIFA´s, the fearest one. It never brings anything good. Spain has played two very poor games against Greece and Georgia. They did not deserve to win any of them. A flat team, disorganized in defensive transitions, no depth at all, no passes that break lines. The best player by far has been Jordi Alba, the only one who has performed properly.

The international meets in order to qualify for the big tournaments have a very dangerous irrelevance feeling. Maybe that is because the atmosphere tempts to that. Spain would have really complicated their chances to make it to the Qatar World Cup directly if they had not got the win in Tiflis. They saved a ‘matchball’, but the fact is that Spain can loose against anyone and anywhere. They do not have players in their best moment who can decide games in the boxes. They are not favorites for the big appointments. They are trapped in a rebuild process that has lasted for a decade.

FIFA packs the calendar with games against uncomfortable teams that can really make you struggle, just like Spain suffered. Players are not thinking about these fixtures and some of them are running out of gas. Games that seem to be friendly, as they do not even have the VAR tool in order to confirm goals that can potentially decide if a country makes it to the World Cup or not. A flashback to the old times where referees had the human´s mistake presumption as the machine could not give the best out of it, those plays where people do not step in, the calculation ones.

Actions like Cristiano Ronaldo´s (no) goal against Serbia tae excitement out of these dark procedures and prove that these breaks are not even important for the FIFA, as they do not provide all their tools for these kind of games. Beat Kosovo and let´s go back to the clubs´football. International breaks bother a lot.

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