September 1st: The desire by the ‘Madridistas’ to see Kylian Mbappé on their team which, in other words, meant a sign to excite the crowd, fades away. However, the destiny is showing that Real Madrid made the right choice by not falling into the Qatari trap. They avoided the silly waste of money and added Camavinga. And that is not all, as they have found at home right what they were looking for with Mbappé. The start of the new season has brought along a new and exciting version on Vinicius Jr.

Vinicius has shown since his arrival to Madrid the tremendous talent ‘made in Brazil’ that he has: ability for dribbling, fearless to challenge the defenders, speed… but no doubt that the lack of quality on finishing to score goals has always been an issue on his confidence.

His youth, the demand by the Bernabéu and, overall, the huge responsibility on him for the high expectations created after the exit of Cristiano Ronaldo did not help at all to an 18 years old guy that had just landed in Europe.

Now the first month of the season intuits a more mature Vinicius who has received total support from coach Carlo Ancelotti; which is something that he probably missed out from Zidane.

We have only needed four LaLiga games to witness wide improvements in the Brazilian; not only at finishing, but at the decision making in general. Making runs on his favorite wing, the left one, or with freedom to move around forward, Vinicius participates way more in the game and, most importantly, in the final score. All of it is a consequence of his work both technical and psychological in order to recover the confidence.

Vinicius calls for optimism. He was decisive against Levante, gave an exhibition at the Benito Villamarín Stadium, and the pause before his final shot to score against Celta are examples of the progression of a footballer that step by step is now starting to show his full potential.

However, and even though that it does not seem a sporadic moment, people need to stay calm. The explosion by young players between August and September is very common while the rest get to their best shape.

If Vinicius manages to provide regularity to his game and overcomes doubtful periods that might come down in the road, the world of football will enjoy of one of those players that are in danger of extinction. The Brazilian is creating illusion, but with caution.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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