Cristiano Ronaldo returns to the Premier League. This competition starred for several years along with LaLiga a debate about which one was the best one in the world. The sign from the Portuguese striker for Manchester United is, from my point of view, the confirmation that that discussion does not fit in today.

The leak of talent in Spain has increased as the seasons have gone by. The exit by Ronaldo himself and more recently by Messi are the most devastating proves. Moreover, signs like Rodrigo´s with Leeds United (they went up in 2020) for 30M€ show that the financial muscle from the English clubs is superior.

Here we analyzed one of the other problems in LaLiga: the offensive decline. Nobody can deny that the show in Spain has degraded and that results directly in the lost of spectators. All these factors strengthen the premise: the Premier is the best league in the world (currently).

Old Trafford will witness a nice reunion that involves one of their legends. Cristiano became a worldwide idol as a ‘Red Devi’: he won three Premier League titles, one FA Cup, two Community Shield, two League Cup, one FIFA Club World Cup and one Champions League.

He will now lead at the age of 36 a team that is ready to compete for everything in England and aims to make it further in Europe than just the round of 16. With ‘Mister Champions’ in the roster everything is possible.

It is doubtless that in today´s football money is what impulses most of the trades in the transfer market. Loyalty or love towards a club are now extraordinary values.

However, even though Cristiano will have a high salary at United, the fact of returning home (and not signing for Manchester City) is a reason for the emotion of his fans. Football is also about that.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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