Atlético keep going up in laLiga. Cholo´s squad have reached top of the table (with one pending match) after an outstanding team performance against Cádiz, which was the only club until now that had won all their four games on the road. However, the Rojiblancos brought them back to reality. “You can´t give away the first half like we did today”, said their coach Cervera after the match. Cádiz did not have their night at all.

“You can´t give away the first half like we did today”

Álvaro Cervera, Cádiz´s coach.

Cholo has found his ideal XI and the team works out perfectly. Hermoso is taking away the left back spot from Lodi, who is unable to defend properly. The midfield has turned into a rombo, with Herrera as the as the first vertex, Koke in front of him in order to have more freedom to build plays, and Saúl and Llorente in the wings. Suárez´s fight forward allows Joao to have space behind him to provide with assists. The outscore is being seen. Nice game forward, passing connections and fast ball movement to break through lines, These all new aspects are bringing multiple scoring chances. It has never been seen such a high performance level at Atlético with Simeone as the coach.

Cádiz, a disaster defensively: 

The most surprising fact from the meet was Cádiz´s poor performance defensively, which has nothing to do with the high level they have shown in that area so far. Atlético´s first two goals put the game away too early.  Fali and Ledesma miscommunicated in the first one, and we still don´t know what is worst from the second one, if Álex´s lack of strength inside the box or keeper´s huge mistake afterwards. That was the reflection from Cádiz´s night. The change of system to a 5-3-2 after the break did not work either. Too late. Nothing positive to take out. They must forget this game and thing about the ones coming up.

Atlético must fight for the title: 

At this level, Atlético must be a candidate to win LaLiga. The biggest difference to other seasons is that the team look to score more goals even though they are up in the scoreboard instead of just falling back to secure the lead. Joao Félix keeps shining every day and the squad re proving that they are a compacted block. The only club that is at their level right know are Real Sociedad.


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