Valencia beat Real Madrid and breath before the international break. Javi Gracia´s squad took advantage of Zidane´s team continuous mistakes. Carlos Soler scored a Hat-Trick from the penalty spot. Madrid showed such a weakness on defense. Moreover, they did not perform properly forward either. 

Zidane went to Mestalla without Eden Hazard and Casemiro, as they were out because they tested positive in Covid-19. The Belgian has been held back once again after his recent good performances. On the other hand, we all know Casemiro´s crucial role on this team. The French bet for a midfield formed by Valverde, Isco and Luka Modric, who was willing to claim his importance. The Croatian led his teammates from the middle: he stole multiple balls and moved the team constantly. This is mainly thanks to Fede Valverde, as the Uruguayan gives Modric freedom to move around by sacrificing himself from attacking.

Madrid showed themselves very comfortable in the first 30 minutes. Actually, Benzema scored the first one in the 25th. Marcelo assisted him after a long possession and the Frenchman received the ball from outside the box. He took a shot that went through under Račić´s legs and Gillamón deflected it and mad it impossible for Jaume to save it. 

Madrid took too many risks: 

It is clear that such a surprising result is made out of several mistakes by Zidane´s team. Too many facilities on defense. Lucas Vázquez and Asensio were the ones pointed out on the right wing. this way, Javi Gracia´s players looked to attack through their left side in order to take advantage of Lucas´defensive problems. And that is how it came the first PK. But it that was not enough, Lucas stepped inside the box and provoked the opportunity to Soler to repeat it, who had missed it in the first try.

The second goal was a mix of lack of luck and cunning. Marcelo was out of position and a cross by Maxi Gómez provoked a mistake on Varane, who ended up putting the ball on his own net. Courtois almost saved it from the line, but the VAR saw that the ball went in.

The second half´s absurdities: 

Madrid´s reaction in the second half was meaningless. Zidane´s players made two more mistakes that put the game away from them. Once again, huge weakness in the right full-back that allowed Gayá to make the run, step inside the box and his assist to Maxi Gómez provoked the controversial PK by Marcelo. Notable low level by all Asensio, Isco and the Brazilian full-back. 

And Ramos still had time to coned another PK. The handball looks unintentional, but that means nothing inside the box. Hat Trick for Carlos Soler from the penalty spot. No doubt that within the weird game that this was, the final score reflects Madrid´s poor performance defensively and proves low level by some players that are still part of the disastrous club´s planning. 


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