The development of a season brings us different characters: Arising stars, players who were not specially known and perform on an excellent level or, on the opposite side, those who fail in the attempt to make themselves a name. However, there is another player category that usually proves wrong to the fans. The old school ones. Those who supposedly come for a retirement and create doubts when they sign; but they end up becoming into leaders and key parts of a team. That is exactly the case of Negredo.

How is it possible that the performance of someone who is 35 years old is not difference at all from when he was 28? 0r, how can it be that a player who has moved to a league whose competitive level is way lower than LaLiga´s and, however, keeps such a high level? Focused on the goal, as a striker; several ‘strange cases’ have arisen in the last few years, like Roberto Soldado and Álvaro Negredo ones. The first one signed for Granada last season and created a lot of uncertainty around him; an uncertainty that ended up turning into compliments. This is exactly what happened to ‘The Vallecas´Shark’ six months ago when he joined Cádiz, coming from the Arab Emirates. If it all stands as it is now, Negredo will become the best striker of the club in the last decade.

From winning two titles with Manchester City to Dubai:

His adventure in England was fleeting; just a year. Pellegrini´s Manchester City won the Premier League and the EFL Cup; however, Negredo had to conform himself with being the third striker, as the Džeko-Agüero duo was in front. He joined Valencia on a loan next summer, stayed for two seasons, and then took a tour on lower level leagues. His last destination was the Arab Emirates, Dubai specifically.

The European Champion in 2012 stayed away from the media spotlights until Cádiz announced his addition right after confirming that they were going up to the first division. Speculations came right away. Was it just a marketing strategy? Would such a risky sign work for Cádiz? All those thoughts were just provoked due to the fact that he was coming from the Middle East and nobody had tracked him during the years outside of the top level leagues.

Negredo´s commitment with Cádiz:

Álvaro Negredo arrived to Cervera´s Cádiz as any other player; he did not have any leadership in the locker-room at first, he was just the new guy at the office, but no doubt that the implication he has shown so far is making an impact on his performance. That is a circumstance that did not happen with José Manuel Jurado, for example. Negredo´s pleasant version brings a huge quantity of abilities along: leadership, quality, adaptation, sacrifice, constancy, power, etc. But I must highlight two out of all: intelligence and that key implication that I mentioned before. He is not just a ‘box killer’ or finisher. Negredo´s contributions to Cervera´s approach are more than that: he is the reference for long balls; moreover, he creates space constantly and provides the last pass. In fact, he is both the scoring and assisting leader of the team.

Intelligence and experience at a 35 age allow him to register other new stats that make him a total striker. Furthermore, his good connection with Choco adds effectiveness up to the benefits he provides. No doubt that he is a key part for Cádiz and their goal to stay in LaLiga.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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