Earthquake at the NBA. Kevin Durant, considered by many as the best player in the league, has requested the Brooklyn Nets to be transferred. This can certainly turn into a domino effect in the transfer market and any franchises with options to sign him will try to. At the same time, Kyrie Irving accepted his player option for 36,5 million dollars, but he could also leave the team.

It is being said that Durant has a preference to join either the Suns or the Heat and the Toronto Raptors have also been in the list in the last few hours, but fitting salaries will be complicated and the Brooklyn Nets will ask for a favorable trade that can allow them to keep being important in the NBA. Regarding Irving, Brian Windhorst (ESPN) has reported that the point guard would like to play for the Lakers and that the board of directors will try to complete the addition.

What a few years ago seemed to be the build of a team destined to dominate the league is now falling apart. However, all of this is just the end of a series of poor decisions that have turned into an irreversible explosive cocktail.

Brooklyn Nets, maybe too favorites:

By names, the roster of the Brooklyn Nets has been the best one in the NBA in the last two seasons. The trident formed by Durant, Irving, and Harden, added to other players like Blake Griffin or Patty Mills seemed unstoppable and they were the main candidates to win the ring all season long in the 20/21 campaign. In the Playoffs, an injurie on Kyrie and some physical issues with Harden made Durant to be all by himself to face the Milwaukee Bucks in a series where went all the way to Game 7 and Nets ending up losing despite the 49 points by KD.

Towards the 21/22 season, the thought was clear. If Kevin Durant was almost able to beat the championships all by himself, they would be able to win the ring if Irving and Harden were healthy. But not everything that glitters is gold. Kyrie have issues to play for his rejection to not get vaccinated and Harden’s version was too far away from his prime at Houston. The hierarchy in the franchise was not clear and the stars had most of the time more power in the decisions than the coach.

What a situation for Nash. No experience, no playing idea and forced to manage a problematic locker-room. The perfect ingredients for everything to blow up. James Harden was the one who started the fire, as he ended up being traded to Philadelphia in exchange for Ben Simmons. They finished 7th in the regular season and had to beat the Hornets in the Play-in.

Then they had to face the Boston Celtics in the Playoffs, a way more solid team defensively. The performing by Durant was unrecognizable and the Nets were swept 4-0. Another failure from this roster, which proves that it is not all about putting money and stars together. Now it seems that the stars are leaving the ship.

The legacy of Kevin Durant will not be benefited from this trade either, as he left the Warriors in order to prove that he could win by himself. In the end, the team from San Francisco has been the one that has won without him.

We do not know how this story will end and if they will manage to trade him, but the fact itself that he has requested to be transferred is the culmination of a historical failure, with a franchise building the best possible roster aiming to become a dynasty and finishing with more disappointments than achievements.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: @BrooklynNets.

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