The Golden State Warriors won the NBA last week after beating the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the Finals. Let’s analyze the keys of the new champions.

Stephen Curry, an all time player:

We are just running out of adjectives to describe Mr. Stephen. The best 3-point shooter of all times is also part of the history in the NBA. Drafted as pick 7th back in 2009, Curry has always stayed loyal to the Golden State Warriors and time has paid off his fidelity, which has recently been missed in the league.

Stephen Curry established himself in the league after winning his MVP unanimously in 2016. The point guard became one of the references of the triples revolution that the league experienced, which is also currently active despite big players like Jokic or Antetokounmpo also succeed. But one thing is to establish in the league and a different one to become a legend, and Curry is already one of them.

Four rings is a way than more enough reason to consider Curry as one of the best players from his generation, and I would dare to say that in history as well. The career of ‘Chef Curry’ does not seem to have a cealing and we will value the top player Stephen Curry is as time passes by. Furthermore, he has won the Finals MVP for his first time, even though he did not give too much importance to that: “Forget about that, we are the NBA champions!”

Steve Kerr, another ring for the collection:

Steve Kerr can also consider himself as another historical in the league. He won five rings as a player with the mythical Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan. And from one super team we go to another one, as these Warriors have become a dynasty in the NBA. Four rings in eight years.

Kerr has perfectly found the way to manage a team full of superstars. There have not been any internal fights like in other teams like the Brooklyn Nets, for example. Steve Kerr’s trajectory in the bench has been outstanding: 22 victories against 2 losses, and the two times he lost was in the 2016 Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors in 2019.

Young players have taken a step forward:

It is true that the Warriors’ ‘Big Three’ returned back in time for the Finals, but Curry has been the one who has met the expectations on him. Klay Thompson was decent, but he is not at his best yet, and Draymond Green has just gone unnoticed. However, the new additions have taken a step forward. Jordan Poole or Andrew Wiggins have both added a lot in these Finals.

The Warriors have topped off their season in a year where they did not start as the main candidates to win the ring, but they have been able to overcome obstacles and prove that they are back. Will they manage to keep the level towards the next campaign?

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Golden State Warriors.

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