One of the most successful and at the same time underrated coaches in Spanish football of the last decade is Unai Emery. He has had a long career so far where he has worked at big clubs like Valencia CF, Paris Saint Germain or Arsenal FC among others.

But if he has stood out at something specific that has certainly been his capacity to win such an important title as the Europa League. He has been able to lift this trophy up to four times, which is why he has become the extraordinary in a habit. With Sevilla FC, where he coached from 2013 to 2016, he managed to win this competition three years in a row (2014, 2015 and 2016). His fourth title took place a year ago with Villarreal CF, as he beat Manchester United in the final.

Unai, apart from conquering this competition four times, has also picked up outstanding scores in most of the clubs he has worked for. With Valencia CF, the team that he coached from 2008 to 2012, he always finished in very good spots in the table, as he ended 3rd in several consecutive years.

It is true that things did not really worked out for him at Arsenal FC, the club he joined after such a legend as Arsène Wenger retired. However, he never ended up fitting in. He faced issues with some players, the board of directors and even his own fans. Due to all these reasons, he was fired after a single season with the “Gunners”.

Right before his time in London, Emery coached another European transatlantic as it is Paris Saint Germain. His time in France was a little bit more successful than in England, as he won a total of eight titles, even though he was unable to pull off the Champions League, which is the competition they have always failed to lift until today.

Last but not least, Emery currently coaches Villarreal CF. He is doing a great job so far, specially in European tournaments. In fact, the Champions League has been the competition where they have stood out the most, as they have been able to beat top elite teams that count on a way bigger budget such as Juventus and Bayern Munich, which has allowed them to get all the way to the semifinals.

All in all, Unai Emery has proved for more than a decade that he is an excellent coach, an even though his management has sometimes been questioned, overall he has earned the recognition to be considered as one of the best Spanish coaches in the last years.

Translate by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @VillarrealCF.

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