Another year, and just as it has been usual in the last few seasons, Valencia are going to finish the season mid-table and with no goals achieved or to battle for.

They do not aim to earn the financial life jacket, which is qualifying for an European tournament, under a low and limited roster to compete for what the ownership demands without investing in the required resources.

Yes indeed, they have a coach who has managed to make the most out of what he has been given and who is now aware of the fact that, if he decides to stay, he will even have less quality players ahead of next season.

Even though Bordalás has signed for an extra season, there is a release clause in his contract that allows both parts to end their agreement. According to Superdeporte, he has already started to plan for next season knowing that he will have to build a ‘survival team’ again due to the coming sales of his best players.

No doubt that he will face a huge challenge in order to try to avoid the difference between Valencia and the other clubs that have recently established themselves in European competition recently to become even bigger.

The intentions from Bordalás and the club’s passivity regarding this decision makes it look like the current coach will stay in charge next season, but the ownership has already warned him that they will need to complete important sales to make up for the revenue they will not make for not playing in Europe.

On top of the list to be transferred due to his attractiveness in the market is Gonçalo Guedes, but there are other key players of the team that come from the academy such as José Luis GayàHugo Guillamón and Carlos Soler whose stay is also still to be determined. And finally, there are two other cases of loans with a buy option that expire soon like Hugo Duro (his sign will be announced shortly ) and Omar Alderete.

This way, taking into account the scenario he has been dealing with the entire season, I believe that most fans of Valencia think that Bordalás has done a decent year, as he is about to finish in the expected area of the table due to the level of their roster, and they have been very close to earn a double prize by lifting a trophy and qualifying for Europe through the most likely path to pull it off. For this reason, from my point of view, he has completed a good campaign.

Is it worth it for Bordalás to stay?

I am totally convinced that Bordalás is the right person for the job, even more with the ownership and the coach perfectly aware of what next season will look like. However, if we think about it deeply, and knowing the precedents of the technical area of the club, it is obvious that next year he will have a worse roster than this one but with the same demands, and miracles do not exist.

Bordalás is one of the most charismatic coaches from LaLiga and, even though he has been excessively stereotyped, I am sure that the majority of the clubs would be willing to hire him.

For this reason, I believe that the club would suffer if Bordalás chose to leave, and I can’t see if staying at Mestalla is the right call for him in this crucial decision for Valencia’s future in the short term.

We are ahead of a dilemma of the ownership, but specially of Bordalás. The decision is about to take place.

Main image: Twitter @valenciacf.

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