Valencia has returned to the Spanish Cup Final only three years after their conquer at the Villamarín. Another final, another silver to hold on to despite all the institutional instability of the last few years that have made it so much difficult for them to accomplish these kind of feats. Valencia, a Rough and Tough Cup Club, constantly on fire, win against everything and everyone.

Bordalás, the symbol of “anti-football“, the unpolitical correct style that all his rivals criticize and his players will always defend wherever he works at, is creating an outstanding curriculum in every team he signs for. And all his accomplishments have come with limited rosters. He has already managed to take the most out of his players at Valencia, no matter what the outcome in the final is.

As we already posted on this website, Bordalás, left alone to face the threat, has already proven to be an expert at working in an adversity environment. In fact, this is a request to work under Valencia’s board of directors indifference. And how hard is to win on the field when the marble is not clean.

“We are experiencing some complicated years and this is something very special for all of us”

Carlos Soler to El Partidazo de Cope after the classification to the final

Valencia, a historical big team of Spain, are a big fish because they always battle against their own species and superiors despite all the circumstances. They were a Champions League club when they had the potential for it and now, without that talent, they are still able to make it to the Spanish Cup Final, which is also their only way to qualify to Europe for next year. A natural competitor.

Bordalás, who always makes the most out of the opportunities he gets and always earns the respect of the crowd wherever he works, has a lot of merit, most of it, in this achievement. However, other players, the ‘bats’ of the house, homegrown product formed in the academy, deserve part of the credit as well. These are Hugo Guillamón, Carlos Soler and José Luis Gayà. They are all key players on the field and the ones who feel the shield the most.

Valencia are a fair finalist even though their biggest responsible is an unpopular coach. A Rough and Tough Cup Club is the best motto you can use to define them.

Main image: Twitter @valenciacf.

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