Who would have thought at the ‘Tacita de Plata’ that Cádiz would experience such as sport and institutional sway only 10 months after staying in LaLiga with efficiency? Maybe the only aspect that could be predicted was the increase of difficulty in order to avoid relegation. However, both the club and ‘The Band’ of Álvaro Cervera drifted for too long.

Cádiz right now have nothing to do with that happy team-fans bond that started off the season with the excitement of returning to the First Division and that just a few time later was faded away by the division of the faith of the religion that six years ago brought back the illusion.

The farewell of Cervera and the intolerable sport management of Cádiz:

It is said that everything has an end in this life, but sometimes we think that football stands by other rules and so there are everlasting relationships. This is what I actually believed of Álvaro Cervera and Cádiz Football Club. Cervera built more than a sport project. He set up a philosophy far away from modern football that returned 111 years of history to the elite through hard work and humility.

A real prize for a group of ‘crazy people’ that never left their team alone and who maintain their essence despite some other try to erode it.

However, memory in football does not last and, in fact, it is usually too short. The one who suffers the consequences when some people forget the path traveled and put the scores in first place is the prophet. Another decision from the main responsible for taking Cádiz to this extreme situation.

Those who give credit to the miracle that Cervera achieved last season and, unable to make their job at the right time (summer), only think about their own benefit and act late and with arrogance. Maybe they really needed the figure of a manager and not such as empty marketing that harms Cádiz and their people.

The arrival of Sergio González and the change of style:

As for any player is not easy to join a team in relegation, the decision to take over the bench of Carranza —and not Nuevo Mirandilla— was really complicated; even more with the circumstances: total separation between the fans and the president, lack of motivation in part of the roster, lost of identity and the legacy of Cervera.

Coaching Cádiz seemed to be like a quick sack. However, the reality was that the ‘Yellow Submarine’ sank in several fixtures this season. The expression of the players showed a broken locker-room that required a new stimulation to reverse this serious crisis.

Sergio González accepted the challenge. The ex-coach for Valladolid showed desire and no nervousness at all since the beginning. Moreover, he managed to handle the changing feelings from both the players and the fans. This is a quality to really stand out from his staff, as controlling this factor is a key in this working conditions.

Furthermore, and even more important, he provided his his team with a new playing style, but respecting the bases of Álvaro Cervera. He has managed to internalize several new ideas in his players compared ti what they used to do before: high pressure on the opponent’s half in order to recover the ball more quickly, preference for trying to start playing the ball from backwards, faster circulation in the interior areas, deep and participative full-backs…

Notions that have provided Cádiz with a new identity, but… What happens with the points? It is true that the team has a different aspect, but results are not coming and playing more beautiful does not add up in the table. It is crucial to prove way more than a nice playing to win. It requires desire, hunger and risk; those characteristics that can sooner or later pay off.

And, after several fixtures, the conclusion is that the team lacks of that due to their excessive instability. This locker-room really needs a victory as soon as possible, as time is running out. There are no doubts on the technical abilities on each piece. However, it is essential that they row in the same direction so they can display the same competitive soul.

They stay is on their boots or, at least, to make the fans proud for their effort.

Cádiz, unity and hope until the end:

As a way to end this letter, the message must be clear from both sides. As this is a general analysis, there are also things that have not been done the best way from the stands. Someone is a Cádiz Football Club fan, not an ‘X Team’ fan. Despite the disagreement with the outrageous cumulus of actions from the board of directors, the team must never be abandoned. On the other hand, has the Cervera’s pre-era been already forgotten? The identity of this club is defined by some values that can’t be lost.

Last, the adversities and the suffering have always surrounded Cádiz, as this is inherited generation by generation. This way, and as far as the numbers confirm it, Cádiz fans have earned the right to battle for their place in the First Division. ‘The Fight Is Not Negotiated’ is a motto that involves all the cadistas. This team has still a lot to give with the unconditional support of the crowd.

Union and hope until the end.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @Cadiz_CF.

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