Every player dreams of representing his country. Furthermore, the call from the national team is an award for the good job done. This is why it is incomprehensible that ‘Pacha’ Espino has never been called up with Uruguay, not even for the academy teams.

The guy from San Jacinto is at a great level and has enough merit to consider that his desire should not even be a dream, but a reality instead.

Moreover, precisely Uruguay are not fully packed in such a delicate position as the left back is. It is crucial to cover up the left wing the right way with the system that coach Tabárez is currently carrying out. Now Matías Viña is the only valid option for the national team. Even so, from my point of view, Pacha Espino is above him. The player for Cádiz can add more to the team and would be able to adapt himself to the playing style and the squad easily.

The first aspect that we must point out about Pacha is that his most recent version has nothing to do with the one shown at Nacional, both physically and technically. Every season he is able to correct some of his characteristics, which allows him to develop a more completed profile and increases his importance in the team. Indeed, that featured attitude of a player that pressures all the way until he gets the ball was brought from Uruguay. That is his identity seal.

Espino is a clear example of what the ‘Uruguayan claw’ is: a guy who does not spare on any effort, battles for every ball and takes advantage of his imposing physical shape. Even though he is not a player who shines technically, he makes offensive runs constantly thanks to his fitness.

Maybe his weak point and one of the aspects he works the most with Cervera is having the ball on his feet, specially on the opposite half. Most of the possessions of the team end on him, as he is in constant movement and the left wing tends to be the place that Cádiz use in counterattacks most of the time. However, his clumsiness with the ball wastes some of the multiple chances that he creates on each game.

Pacha is going through one of his best moments: he shows off a great confidence on him and matches perfectly both with Cádiz and Cervera. Furthermore, he has become into one of the most charismatic players in LaLiga. Actually, I would say that he is among the ‘top 3’ left backs in this start of the season.

Just as journalist Julio Maldonado Maldini said on his Twitter: “Raúl de Tomás is going to watch all the Spanish National Team games from home even though all the pure strikers are injured or have not been called up”. Pacha Espino is going through the same unfair situation. Óscar Tabárez I am not saying that I know more of football than you, but Pacha deserves to be called up with Uruguay.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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