Manchester United has been the home for players with high expectations and low performing in the last years. A few weeks back I talked about Paul Pogba and he has actually played great since then. He always had talent and conditions, but regularity is a key part to succeed. Now is Luke Shaw the one who is shutting up the haters in the Premier League.

The Englishman arrived to Old Trafford after shining at Southampton and his label pointed to him as one of the biggest promises in England by then. Almost seven years later, he is having his best season as a ‘Red Devil’. However, the road has not been easy at all: several injuries held back his progress, one of them was a long duration. Moreover, Mourinho did not have confidence on him and, as a result, Shaw was left on the bench during the Portuguese´s stay at Manchester.

Why has he exploded this season?

I believe Alex Telles is one of the main reasons, the left back sign that was meant to be the starter. The Englishman has never had any competition in this seven years, and having someone who can take over your spot makes an impact on your mindset. No doubt that this fact has motivated Shaw to work harder and have a stronger desire to improve.

The Brazilian himself said that they both help each other to develop their game during practices and games. Competition within a team is important to boost the player´s progress. It is clear that not everyone reacts the same way, but in this case it has helped Shaw to reach his highest level.

25 years old Luke Shaw is showing defensive reliability and dangerous offensive runs thanks to his accurate crosses. He is one of the best players at Manchester United at the moment and he will have a spot in the English National Team as well if he keeps this level. The wait has been long but Luke, it is good that you came.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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