There have been multiple times that, as a Manchester United fan, I have been asked about Paul Pogba. For some, an overrated player; for others, a misunderstood artist. That midfielder that impressed Europe at Juventus, today is a whole of setbacks. The reality is that the French-Guinean created huge expectations on the football world. This way, his sign for the Red Devils, the most expensive in history at that moment, added extra pressure to a very media player.

In addition to his promising career, Pogba´s extravagance and his relationship with Mino Raiola made him to be a usual target for the press. No doubt that this is one of the main current reasons why the “overrated” label is put on him. Football fans thought that Paul Pogba was or would be one of the best players in the world. The truth is tha, since he left Italy, his performance has been the most exact representation of irregularity.

The international Frenchman is capable of both the best and the worse. He is able to make impossible passes, magic dribbles or fantastic goals. He is able to take over the whole midfield and display an admirable physical strength. But he is also able to provoke stupid PK´s, loose very serious balls or disappear on the field. Like he goes through good shape runs, several poor performances in a row are also common.

It is clear that we can considered Pogba an overrated player if we expected him to be a usual member of the best XI´s of the year. This is what most of the people think but, in that case, isn´t him already valued based on the reality? I believe that Pogba is a useful player that could shine way more in a different context. In fact, his desire is to leave Manchester United.

Even though his best version fascinates me, something that I really value is regularity. The club needs constant players now more than ever. Pogba has proved not to be one of them, at least with the Red Devils´s jersey. This way, my desire for him is that he can succeed somewhere else so we can all enjoy his football more often. If that was the case, we would definitely see one of the best players in the world.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.


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