Manchester United have been known for a very poor signing strategy in the recent years. The continuous change of coaches, added to the horrible management by Ed Woodward, provoked the progressive decrease in the level of the roster. Now the addition of Jadon Sancho and Raphaël Varane prove that there has been a shift in this area of the club.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær is one of the main reasons for this improvement. The Norwegian started a long term project since he joined the club definitively. This meant to get back on the right track that Sir Alex Ferguson´s farewell ended with.

This way, the classic philosophy of the ‘Red Devils’ returned, based on giving opportunities to both British and players from the Academy. On the other hand, the hiring by John Murtough as football director and Darren Fletcher as technical director have been the key.

This new environment where Solskjær, Murtough and Fletcher work all together has turned into the signs of Sancho and Varane. The last one strengthens a position that needed a boost urgently. Victor Lindelöf, Harry Maguire´s partner until now, has not been able to consolidating himself as a top player.

However, the Maguire-Varane´s duo promises to be one of the best in Europe. Moreover, Sancho is a luxury addition for United´s attack (at ELXIIDEAL we analyzed how he can fit in the team). Both of them added to Bruno Fernandes, Pogba and the rest will boost the team towards higher goals.

The minimum that we can all expect from this team is to battle for the Premier League. Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool are strong candidates, but now the ‘Red Devils’ have names to even them as well. The season looks very promising and now we just have to enjoy the show.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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