As years pass by, the debate about if the transfer market should end or not before the start of the leagues keeps growing. This is an issue that, from my point of view, has different angles that make any of the possible arguments correct.

During one of our debates on our Twitch channel, Jaime Molina, ex-professional player and collaborator at this media defended the current system due to the fact that keeping the transfer window opened until August 31st allows the clubs to have enough time to complete trades or make sure that their fulfill their salary limit so they can sign up their players, even more in the situation that the football industry is today going through.

All in all, they count on “some” calm to build their roster, and I say some because it is getting very tough for many teams to sign what they really need.

Furthermore, how many important trades have we experienced in the last days of the market, or even in the last few hours? In fact, possible transfers like Kane or Mbappé, whose negotiations are not easy, will only take place by the end of August if they end up happening. If the market period was not this long, uncertainty, tension, the relevance and the magic of those mediatic and unexpected additions would not exist.

However, those who are against the start of the leagues while the transfer market is still opened also have solid arguments for their position. First of all, there is the controversy of possible injuries. Just imagine that a player who is close to sign for another club gets called-up for a game with his current team and plays some minutes. He takes risk of getting injured and, as a result, losing his new contract.

It is not a nice experience for either the coach or the fans that a new player who joins a club spends some time injured. And that is not the only aspect to think of, as the affected part could break the relationships between the institutions. It would not be the first time.

On the other hand, the lost of points due to a player´s performance that is about to sign for another team is another aspect that worries fans, specially of those clubs that fight to avoid relegation. In the end, every point counts.

It is tough to position in one of the two sides, as they both have pros and cons. One decreases the options of massive trades in the market but eliminates awkward situations and forces the clubs to make firm and anticipated planning.

The other option, with which we are perfectly used to, guarantees any transfer until 23:59 on August 31st and allows the clubs to work more calmly, but there are risks with frustrated trades, inconvenient injuries and unwanted results in the first games of the competition.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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