Passion and excitement returns to the fans of the game around the globe as the new season kicks off. A way of life, day by day, game by game.

The new campaign is a renewed opportunity for people to cheer their teams up again from the stands, even though just in a small proportion in Spain, as we are always disallowed to enjoy live sports the way we deserve unlike the rest.

This is the beginning of a new LaLiga, the first one in 17 years without its best player in history, Leo Messi, and without the white legend, Sergio Ramos. Symbols that are faded away from our football like many others from the past, which is a sign that time does not stop. However, shields are permanent.

LaLiga is back with the excitement brought by 38 games to battle for and 20 goals to achieve, as it has always been. It is back with the motivation from the people to live it from closer, to be part of the show again.

Passion will stay no matter if the faces change, as the purpose will still be to follow a competition that also measures the mood of their loyal fans. This is why life is back.

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