La Liga will not allow fans in their stadiums for the remainder of the season. This basically means that there has not been any progress in the las 14 months. Today La Liga and the ACB, which are the only competitions in Spain to be considered as professionals, and under the rules of the Spanish Government Sports Council, suffer an unjustifiable veto that is being extended for too long and that the decision makers themselves can´t even explain: “Fans will not be back until security measures are guaranteed. It is not a sporting criteria, it is a sanitary criteria, said José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes this week, the Culture and Sports minister. This is an authentic shame, an unsustainable lie. What is the exact sanitary criteria, mister minister? Ask the “experts” to explain their reasons to us if there are really any.

President of La Liga Javier Tebas has been announcing for months his intention that fans can be be back by the end of the season. Obviously there is a protocol for that so stadiums can open again their doors under security measures. The inconceivable aspect here is that the Government keeps cutting off a step forward for society to get closer to the life we had and get back some of our freedom.

In Spain there is public almost in every cultural and political event, even if it is indoors: political speeches, cinemas, museums, theaters, concerts, lower category games… Everywhere but in La Liga and the ACB. But it is a “sanitary” criteria and no a sporting one, of course. I still do not get why La Liga have not reported this case on court.

What is the reason for the only restrictive measure in he entire country to take place within La Liga and the ACB? I really want someone to explain it to me. And why clubes do not raise their voice, as they are the most damaged ones with all the money they are losing without fans? It is just nonsense.

Juan Antonio Alcalá, sports journalist at El Partidazo from the Cope Station, said last Thursday that the vision from the Government is that crucial games are coming up. This is just silly, as of course we will keep seeing big gathers to greet the players when they arrive with their buses to the stadiums. Not allowing fans inside it is not the solution to avid this. In fact, getting them in would requiere an entering and exit protocol that would control fans outside way more.

La Liga will not have fans in their stadiums this season
Cádiz fans gather to receive their team´s bus.

Isaac Fouto also brought up a very important point: there are several La Liga stadiums that have hosted fans in the last few months: 2.500 fans have been allowed to watch Celta B at Balaídos; today there will be the same quantity at the Cartagonova (FC Cartagena Stadium) to watch the Cartagena B vs Águilas FC, and La Romareda (Real Zaragoza Stadium) will have 500 fans to witness the Deportivo Aragón vs Barbastro. First and second division stadiums are having public, so I guess that the category makes a difference in the virus.

It is nothing new that the pandemic management in Spain has been ridiculous in every area, but professional football and basketball have gone far beyond, they have been the victims of a list of stupid restrictions that they only feeling they have provoked is suspicion, as they are punishing an industry that generates 1,37% of the GDP and 185.000 direct job positions in Spain, according to the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) consultant. Zero risk does not exist and fans have the right to return to the stadiums.

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