The goalkeeper position is probably the less thankful on the field. A mistake can mean to concede a goal and that always makes this player the responsible one for the final score. However, there are some keepers who are the main cause for their team’s positive performing.

No doubt that Thibaut Courtois is the reason why Real Madrid are battling for LaLiga title and have completed their Champions League group stage qualifying without too much trouble. His saves are rescuer and usual in every game.

Nowadays we are talking about the best goalkeeper in the world; he is reliable with his feet, safe both on the ground and the air and has incredible reflexes. He has reached his top level at the age of 29 and we can still expect several fantastic seasons from him taking into account that he is a keeper.

Courtois has been left out from The Best Award to the best keeper of the FIFA. He expressed his thoughts on the reason in the Sheriff vs Real Madrid pregame press conference.

“Team trophies are more important than individual ones. I rather win the Champions and LaLiga than individual prizes. I am not surprised at all about not being nominated for The Best Award, as the reason might be my comments from a month ago, but I do not want to talk about it anymore. I prefer to have the appreciation from the club and my teammates”.

The comments that the Belgian is pointing out were his critics to the FIFA and UEFA on the packed calendar and the excessive quantity of games, which put the players in risk of possible injuries. It makes sense that the absence from Courtois has to do with what he said.

Whatever it is, the lock of Real Madrid does not need these kind of awards. His performing speaks for himself.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @thibautcourtois.

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