Leo Messi keeps his reign in the world of football with the conquer of his seventh Ballon d’Or, as he is the player who has been awarded the most times in history. A price that reaffirms the leadership of the Argentinian as years pass by and who is once again in the Olympus of the most popular sport above many other candidates to unthrone him that are unable to even his natural and total talent.

In my opinion, Leo Messi has always been the best player in the world because I think he is the most completed. He dominates every aspect in creation and his evolution proves that he is not just a scoring machine, as there are plenty of those and very good, but he is also the best assistant, the one who controls the pace of the games and who contributes to the win with his astonishing game vision.

Messi is above the rest because all the other candidates to unthrone him are incredible scorers and strikers that average similar stats to him but without his top playing ability. Messi is above the rest because he is the most completed player of the last 15 years and he not only delights the fans with his performing but, the most important aspect, he wins titles for his teams and has a high influence in the final scores.

Messi is the fair winner of this price because it awards not only his individual stats (33 goals and 14 assists in 38 games played in 2021), but a key role in lifting the Copa América with Argentina, the most important continental title of the year along with the EURO.

Anyone who loves the game, apart from his personal preferences, knows that Messi is different, he is the total player and is above the rest in this kind of individual awards because of the appreciation that he has earned from those who are part of this sport and for a magic career where he has maintained himself on the peak and winning for his teams always being the difference maker.

His seven Ballon d’Or, the only one to do it, mark a spot for him in history and the distance to others who simply aim to be compared to him.

Main image: Twitter @PSG_inside.

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