Granada went down to the second division four years ago. A city whose dream of returning to the Spanish football elite had come true almost four decades later. Who would have told them that the best was yet to come. The first step was to eradicate the main problem. Despite their importance to bring granada back to La Liga, Quique Pina and the Pozo Brothers´ management was a load for the club and only the relegation could end with that bond.

Once they were again in the second division, a new owner came and Granada started to breath again. The path was not easy: A first year in mid table in order to get used to the new category. But something exciting was being made. The only addition they needed was a person who could turn their players´ quality into wins. That challenge was accepted by Diego Martínez. Granada pulled off the promotion after 41 fixtures and the coach from Vigo turned into the Granada´s ‘shaman’.

What was going to happen in the 2019/2020 campaign -last season- is well known by all the fans who enjoy with this sport. It is astonishing that, except for a few changes in the roster from the previous year, the same squad from the second division showed such a high level and was able to maintain it throughout the entire year. Not even the lack of their crowd in the last part of the season stopped them from achieving their dream.

Granada´s coach Diego Martínez
Granada´s coach Diego Martínez.

A committed group with hanger and a clear playing style that praised the city of the Alhambra with the Spanish Cup semifinals and the access to the Europa League first round. Unfortunately the current situation prevented us from seeing a magic atmosphere between the fans and the team.

However, if someone thought that this would end in just the feat to participate, he was wrong. Granada count on a key factor: their players and coach high competitiveness. Any achieved goal was follow by a new one to be reached all the way to play at The Theatre of Dreams. Maybe the right spot to end the first and intense adventure in Europe. Indeed a packed Los Cármenes Stadium would have changed the round.

On the other hand, to beat Granada in Spain is a tough task. In fact, Barcelona could have lost half the title against them. They were very close to advance to the next round in the Spanish Cup a few months ago against the ‘Blaugranas’, but now they can celebrate their win at the Camp Nou. This is a club that do not put limits to themselves and enjoy the moment. However, the season is not over yet. Their European hope is now six points away. Villarreal and Betis must watch out for them.

Everything Granada have achieved in just a year and a half proves that money can´t buy it all. The best part of this sport happens when modest teams reach the glory. Nobody should prevent them from writing their own stories and reach whatever they propose.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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