It is official. Real Madrid have announced that Sergio Ramos will not continue at the ‘White Club’ next season. Check out his farewell statement.

Sergio Ramos will not extend his contract with Real Madrid. Either the club and the player have reached an agreement after several months of conversations. Ramos wanted a two-year contract and Real Madrid only offered him one. The club were afraid of Ramos´ delicate physical condition which with he has finished the last part of this season, and so they have decided not to fulfill his petition.

“This is one of the toughest days in my life”

This is how Ramos started his farewell event, where he has broken into tears after remembering the moment when he joined Real Madrid, which took place when he was 19 years old. ‘The Captain’ has thanked the President, teammates and employees from the club for all the years they have spent together. He has also showed his gratitude to the fans and has assured that, even though he is closing an era, a new exciting one is about to start.

“This is not a farewell forever, as I will be back sooner than later. Thank you”

Sergio Ramos has assured at the press conference that he never had the intention to leave Real Madrid. The club offered him a contract extension after last season when they won LaLiga, but the player wanted to wait and see if they offered him two years, which did not happen.

“I never wanted to leave Real Madrid. The club offered me to extend my contract after last season, but it got delayed due to the pandemic”

“Money has not been an issue”

“I wanted two years and the club offered me one. I accepted the offer including a salary cut and then they told me that the offer had expired”

The most surprising aspect from his farewell is the fact that Ramos was willing to give in and extend his contract for just a year but Real Madrid ended up removing the offer despite his contract ends on June 30th.

“I did not know that the offer had an expiration date. It was just a matter of continuity for my family and me. I think I deserved it, but the club did not agree with that”

“I always wanted to stay at Real Madrid, but my decision is something external to the club. I do not think that asking them to plan without me means a no”

“I do not have any resentment, I do not want any confrontation”

“I do not know if my contract extension has been a priority for the club. There is no player above the club. This is not a question I can really answer”

Sergio Ramos also said that he still does not have a destination for next season. Options might be PSG or any of the two teams from Manchester in Europe, or Inter Miami in the United States, but he still does not know where he will play next year.

“We have not thought about any other team. There has been a few calls, but I never thought of leaving Real Madrid”

“Right now I am not thinking about returning to Sevilla”

“Of course is a huge NO for Barça, as huge as the new Bernabéu Stadium”

Florentino has a huge historical on problematic exits from other legends. As it is usual, he has decided not to answer questions by the media and Ramos has reproached it to him.

“It would have been nice if Florentino was here”

“Today is just a ‘see you later’, Ramos will be back”

“I just called Ancelotti to congratulate him. Nothing else. There has not been any other deeper conversation”

“I offered proposals, options… I said everything I had to say. I could not do anything else”

“I will announce my future as soon as I have any news”

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