Nobody believes in Spain for this EURO. At least no one realistic. I am the first one who does not think that they have a capable team enough to make it far and also the first to cheer them up until the end. The sensation is that the training camp started the wrong way since Luis Enrique´s call-up announcement.

It is true that there are 47 million national team´s coaches in this country, all of them with their squad roster ready to make a line from the bar or the couch at home, but the reality is that there are certain absences that are incomprehensible: from my point of view, the biggest ones are Albiol and Canales.

It is even less comprehensible to vaccinate your players three days before their debut. First of all because that does not guarantee at all their immunization during the tournament, and second, and even more serious, because of the possible secondary effects without time to react. Once again, a terrible management by those who run this. Pure improvisation, the usual in Spain.

Anyone can test positive in this situation, even in bubbles, because Spain have not been the only ones to face this problem. In the end, this is uncontrollable, but we can´t forget what this makes into the approach towards a game: players who have not practiced together for a week and some others on a parallel bubble just in case. I honestly do not think that they have been able to get ready for the match in a proper way.

No one believes in Spain simply because they do not have a reliable keeper and neither a pure scorer striker, which are both crucial to win in this game. All in all, they do not have the key spots covered, which the big candidates do. My prediction is that Spain will try to defend themselves with the ball, as they have top players for that job, but there might be too much excellence on that and not enough forcefulness.

They all now who to touch the ball properly both defensively and offensively, but I am afraid of playing too flat without making our chances forward and protecting ourselves backwards properly, as we have done it in previous occasions. The consequence in this case will be that they will beat us at any moment.

Spain are not candidates at all because they have other teams like France, Portugal, Belgium, England or Germany ahead of them that count on weapons to win. For all these reasons, the message I want to transmit from here is that what Spain can really opt for in this EURO towards this pessimism that I include myself in is to be the revelation team that surprises ourselves.

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