Real Madrid have always been a successful club that needs balance inside to manage so much talent and control egos and roles in a place where winning is a requirement and the demand for that is huge. Their President, Florentino Pérez, has won a lot. He has invested on building a galactic team that has packed the Bernabéu´s trophy room. Curiously, he has also discharge most of the club´s legends on a poor way, as if they were no one.

He has done it again this week. He has pushed a white legend to leave the club. The same ‘modus operandi’ but a different result, as the injured part has replied on a letter in order to put the powerful man of subliminal messages through heralds in revolt in evidence.

As we already said on our Twitch channel, Zidane is not just the coach who has conquered three Champions Leagues in a row, but the man who returned only because Florentino begged him to and he also won another league. However, the danger of a fictional knock out on the first round of their competition made Florentino to doubt on a coach that should have all kinds of credit. Zidane did not forgive that.

Real Madrid´s locker room needs a quiet coach who knows how to keep healthy relationships with the players and make them feel important, which is the reason why Florentino has hired a Zidane 2.0, Carlo Ancelotti.

This is the right decision from that point of view, but I also believe that his personality adds up for it, a calmed man towards the Board of Directors rules, which will not go through a needed roster restructuring. Another coach like Conte would not stay quiet but instead protest in every press conference.

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