Atlético visited Osasuna on the 29th LaLiga match week. Home team couldn´t count on one of their most important player or their fans as they are very close to accomplish their goal of staying at the first division for one more season. They are just a few points away from certifying it. On the other side, Atlético had a big chance to reach Champions League positions if they managed to finally win on the road after Getafe´s draw against Espanyol yesterday.

The match started off very equalized, with a very tactical approach by both teams, who usually struggle to create danger opportunities forward. Portuguese João Félix celebrated his return to the competition after recovering from an injury with a great goal in the 27th minute. Atlético´s young star took a great shot to put his team ahead after a great pass from midfielder Herrera, who broke down Osasuna´s entire defense, connected with left back Lodi, and found Joao after a bad clear by Osasuna´s central defenders. Once Atlético scored their first, Osasuna went up to look for the equalizer and they were close to get it through a shot by Moncavola that went out slightly. Atlético have been better so far in this first half.

Second half followed the same path as the first one. João Félix met again with the goal in the 55th minute as he received a pass by Diego Costa that left him right in fron of the goal with no keeper. As Osasuna were down two goals, they were forced to make more offensive plays, and they had their chances to reduce Atlético,s advantage, but they could not ovrercome Oblak. Cholo´s substitutions took effect, as Marcos Lorente made the third one after dribbling the entire defense in the 73rd minute and he crossed his shot. Morata scored the fourth goal after being checked by the VAR for a possible offside, but the goal was conceded. In the 88th minute, Yanik Carrasco took Lorente´s gift and mde the final 0-5.

This way, Atlético had one of their best performances of the season as they dominated the entire game. João Félix´s brace nd Cholo´s substitutions put Atlético back into Champions League spots.


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