Sevilla certified their qualifying to the Champions League for the third consecutive year. An accomplishment for them. It is not easy at all to pull that off in a competition where regularity marks your destiny. The Spanish championship counts on two giants, and even three after the arrival of Simeone, that send all the pressure to those outsiders that are willing to play the most coveted tournament.

This way, in no case the achieved goal by the team of Lopetegui can be discredited. In fact, it is not usual at all that a coach extends his charge in the bench of Nervión for this long. The Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium has always been a sovereign and demanding judge. The passion for this sport reaches very high levels in Sevilla.

However, the outcome of the season can’t be considered as a success. We must remind you that Sevilla started off 2022 as the only candidate in the race for the title along with Real Madrid. In a year with Atlético and Barcelona self-destructed until the last quarter, Sevilla had a marvelous opportunity.

Maybe they were short to be champions, but yes indeed they were in a position to end 2nd in the table with what that involves: economical incentive for the final spot in the league plus playing the Spanish Super Cup (with the chance to lift a trophy and extra revenues).

But the reality is that Sevilla have wasted their good job in the first part of the season. Despite the multiple adversities, the team from Nervión was able to obtain results and stay in the hunt for Real Madrid. Important injuries every weekend, scoring struggle for the strikers and and endless list of circumstances had prevented the well doing from the squad coached by Lopetegui.

All of this has also been thanks to the ones who held the rope: the fans. However, sooner or later, without changing the dynamic (and the luck), and trapped in a doubtful irregularity; the rope would end up breaking down.

And this is the way it has been since March. Only three wins out of thirteen games. In fact, one of those wins took place against West Ham in the first leg of the Europa League that ended up with Sevilla being eliminated in that knockout.

Maybe the setbacks in Europe and overall in the Spanish Cup have influenced in the moral of a team that has ended up the season with with the fans-players bond reverted. Who would have thought that six months ago.

For that reason, beyond the joy of accomplishing the set goal from August and not finishing behind their biggest rival, it is not an end of the season to be proud of and celebrate the way they did last Sunday at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

Sevilla has a lot of work to do ahead of them and need more self-criticism from inside the club. Attacking external sectors that only make their job do not help at all. Listen to your fans, who are the ones who live it and express the same message to face the next season the right way.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @SevillaFC.

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