Madrid made his debut in LaLiga after barely having a preseason. Due to a late finish and the International break, most players had not practiced with the team too much, so the question was on seeing how they would respond physically. Well, they surprised at first: Zidane´s team showed dominance the first 3o minutes and they looked Real Sociedad on their half, as the Whites went out on a pretty high intensity start. The French coach bet on a 4-2-3-1 system with Odegaard as a second striker and Madrid enjoyed a good ball movement. 

However, Real Sociedad never suffered considerably: Their 4-4-2 system allowed them to close up the interior gaps and mark the Norwegian properly. They held Madrid back and gained energy as minutes passed by until they finally progressed on the opponent´s half. 

That is what happened after halftime, which is when Real Madrid ran out of gas. Real Sociedad started to take advantage of Madrid´s mistakes on the pass and looked to make runs on the wings with Portu and Isak, but either of them created danger. Silva went in in order to provide his team with some freshness, but he is still getting used to his new place. This way, they both grab a point due to the lack of accuracy in the last meters. 


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