Leader´s turn, led by Messi, Barça began this new LaLiga with the goal of defending their 2-point advantage over Real Madrid on the race towards a new title. On the other side, Mallorca had the chance to step out of relegation if they could add any point today thanks to Celta´s defeat.

Barça entered the game very focused and they only needed a minute to open up the scoreboard and upset Mallorca plans. De Jong earned a 50/50 ball against Japanese player “Take” right outside the box, opened the ball to Jordi Alba on the left wing, and he sent an excellent cross to the penalty spot where Arturo Vidal headed it towards the net. First punch of the leader.

Setien´s team continued their domain on every aspect of the game, attacking through both the middle and the wings. Right back Sergi Roberto found a highway on his side and Messi moved constantly through the middle to build plays. Barça had total control of the ball and they lived on the opponent´s half, while Mallorca could not find the way to stop them. Best news for them were that Barça had not scored more goals yet.

However, once the first 25th minutes passed by, Barça decreased their intensity and Mallorca improved. “Take” had a clear chance thanks to a good drive from the left that ended on a shot that keeper Ter Stegen saved. The game had got even, but Setién´s players reorganized themselves after the cooling break and scored the second one before halftime. Messi headed a dead ball inside the box and forward Braithwaite picked it up and put it in to make the 0-2.

Mallorca came back better from the locker-room and were close to reduce the difference on the scoreboard, but they were unable to score the goal to put themselves back into the game. The biggest difference got reflected between two teams from two different worlds: scoring efficiency. Barça were also close to make the third one with a shot by Braithwaite that keeper Reina saved with his feet.

Barça paced the game during the last fifteen minutes and Jordi Alba scored the third one thanks to an amazing assist by Messi to leave him right in front of the keeper. The left back defined to the short post. There was still enough time for Messi to score his goal thanks to a great shot with his right foot. Barça start the right way.


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