The meet between chelsea and Liverpool was the most attractive match of the weekend. Two of the teams that have brought very high expectations took on each other early in the new season. As usual, the Reds carried out a high pressure on Chelsea´s defenders when they had the ball, and they got what they wanted: Lampard´s players were unable to progress form their half and so they were forced to send long throws to forward Timo Werner looking to find Liverpool´s back. Players like Zouma, James or Christensen have lack of technical capacity to get out of pressure and move the ball fluently. 

The key moment was Chelsea´s Danish central defender red card right at the end of the first half. The uncoordinated Blues defenders allowed Mané to make a run from the left side towards the goal, that Christensen had to stop. This changed dramatically the scenario, as Liverpool dominated the game completely and Thiago, who made his debut, took the lead in the midfield. 

Kepa is one of the names that we have to talk about: he made a terrible mistake on making a bad pass to the defense line that turned into Liverpool´s second and put the game away for Chelsea. We also have to mention Fabinho, who won all the 50/50s against Werner during the entire match. The German provoked a penalty kick, but Jorginho missed it. That was one of the few chances Chelsea had to score. Mané was the Man of the Match: he got a brace and sent his mark off. 


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