The power foward´s sign for the Brooklyn nets has created high expectations. The New Yorkers complete this way one of the most competitive franchises in the NBA with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden. But Blake Griffin is not the same player from a few years ago. Will he be able to return to his best level in the Nets?

Between the Nets and the Lakers:

Many teams were interested in signing him after leaving the Detroit Pistons, but the Brooklyn Nets and the Lakers were his main options. Finally the power forward has chosen the Nets. I personally believe that that is the right choice, as the Nets are a serious candidate to win the ring this year while LeBron´s Lakers, which are as well, are not going through his best moment after Anthony Davis´injury.

How is Blake Griffin´s current shape?

He was selected as the firs pick in the 2009 Draft (the one where they also participated other players like Stephen Curry, James Harden or Ricky Rubio), but he has not managed to take the most out of him these last few seasons at the Detroit Pistons. Griffin averages 12,3 points; 5,2 rebounds and 3,9 assists per game this season. These are pretty poor numbers if we consider his popularity as a player.

Injuries have also been an obstacle throughout his career. In fact, he missed his first season in the elite due to a serious knee injury. He won the Rookie of the Year Award when he returned in 2011. He was chosen as al All-Star during his time with the Clippers. Blake Griffin is a player who has not reached the expected level, but who has also been able to overcome every injury and the challenge to win a ring is always a big motivation.

His role at Brooklyn:

Now he will meet again with deAndre Jordan in the Nets, as they were both teammates at the Clippers. The doubts come on the role that Steve Nash can give to him, as he could be a starter or a second unit guy. He could substitute Jordan if he becomes a starter, but he will more than likely start from the bench. That is the price to pay when you sign for a team with such great players.

With the season halfway and many challenges ahead, do you thin that Blake Griffin will succeed at the Nets?

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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