Utah Jazz lead the wild west with 44 wins and only 16 looses. They are a roller and want to prove that they are a team to be considered on the race for the ring.

Season´s revelation:

Utah Jazz are one of those teams that tend to have a very regular year throughout the first part of the season, which usually allows them to make it to the Playoffs, but then they always fall on the way at some point. They finished 6th on their conference last season, but they were knocked out against the Denver Nuggets in the semifinals (they completed a comeback to make it 3-1 in the series).

Now it seems like the Jazz are looking to take revenge and overcome last season´s outcome. West Conference has a new leader, and that is neither the Clippers or the Lakers. They are averaging very outstanding numbers, the best in the league, above other important franchises like the Milwaukee Bucks or the Philadelphia 76ers.

A competitive roster:

Utah Jazz have built a group of players that complement themselves great. They count on big names like Donovan MitchellRudy GobertMike ConleyBoban Bogdanovic or Jordan Clarkson; this last one is really making merits to earn the Sixth Man Award of the season.

“Spida Mitchell” is the leader of the group. The shooting guard averages 24,2 points, 4,4 rebounds and 5,1 assists per game. These numbers might not be as spectacular as others´big players in the league, but this has to do with the fact that Utah Jazz´s playing style does not exclusively rely on their stars, like it happens to the Brooklyn Nets, for example. If Mitchell does not have his day, Gobert will take over, and if not there will be someone else.

Historical season for the Utah Jazz:

These Jazz have been impressive so far. They completed the best start in the regular season in franchises´s history on February 13th after their win against the Milwaukee Bucks with a record of 21 victories and 5 looses. We must remind you that the last time that Utah picked up 20 wins in 25 games made all the way to the Finals. This was back in the 96-97 season. These Jazz were lead by theJohn Stockton and Karl Malone´s mythical duo. Malone won the MVP on that season.

That team was the best one in the regular season and they managed to beat the Clippers (3-0), the Lakers (4-1) and the Rockets (4-2) in the Playoffs in order to face Michael Jordan´s legendary Chicago Bulls. “The Goat” won that battle and earned his fifth ring in a series that ended 4-2 for the Bulls. Both franchises found each other in the Finals the following year in on of the best series ever. Neither Scottie Pippen´s injury or Dennis Rodman´s low performing were enough to avoid Michael Jordan from winning his sixth and last ring with the Bulls.

These Jazz have already made history, but… Will they be able to overcome that team that played two consecutive Finals?

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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