Dribbling is the nicest expression of football. A technical gesture that most fans demand but just a few players are able to display. Or maybe many of them do not want to take its risk. Football, just as anything else in life, is a trend, a phase. Many of these are chronicle, like Spanish football transition to a more conservative style.

So it is the lack of daring and 1 vs 1 attempts in many players. That is why those who still go for it are increasing their value, because they scape the trend and rather try a dribble to pass an opponent and progress forward than being obsessed with a strong tactical positioning in order to avoid a possible counterattack from your own action.

The dribbling for Neymar:

Neymar is the king of dribbling, but we must point out the different use that can be applied to this art, what you actually get from it, in order to see if the risk is worth it. The Brazilian has been injured once again right before the Champions League round of 16 first leg, which is the week where the key part of the season starts. This is the third time that this happens in the last four years that he has been in Paris, and the truth is that this is not a coincidence.

Neymar, just as the few dribblers out there, is susceptible to injuries because he keeps the ball on his feet too much. He attracts rivals, challenges them constantly. As a result, he gets all the tackles.

The multiple setbacks on the Brazilian has nothing to do with his presumed lack of professionalism that he has been accused of this past days. It is just the consequence of a playing style as licit as any other that, just because of its exposure, attracts risk. However, the purpose of the dribbling also plays a key part on the outcome.

It is not the same to try to dribble a rival on the opponent´s half in order to pass him and head towards the goal, than making a lambretta in the midfield when the game is over and you have a safe lead, as the only purpose in that case is to get the spotlights. Neymar makes the two types of dribbles, and injuries will keep coming, as he will not change his playing style.

Dribbling is expensive because it is worth millions, as it powers up your offensive attacks to win games and because it makes the most superficial fans to go crazy with highlights and jerseys. It is even more expensive if like Neymar´s case abuses of it and your coach, who should be aware of the high risk of you getting injured on this dates, as there have been some many precedents, lines you up for a secondary tournament game right before the UCL´S return. I would have not even called him up, but PSG are not the only ones that lose his most important player, football fans do to, as the show on the pitch will be decreased.

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