The wait has been long, but the sun shines again in Pamplona. Maybe it will take time for him to return to his best level that made the fans enjoy so much, but seeing Luis Ezequiel “Chimy” Ávila dressing again for a game are great news both for LaLiga and football in general.

Chimy tore his left knee ligament on January 24th 2020. The Argentinian was more than likely going through the best moment of his career. He was a key part for his club Osasuna and was making the difference on a team that had just gone up and was in the mid table by the time he got injured. He scored nine goals in only five months into the league -plus two more in the Spanish Cup- and two assists.

As a consequence of his injury, Osasuna went from averaging 1,3 goals per game to just one at the end of the last campaign; and this year, 0,8. His performing was being so high until then that he was in the news in order to sign for Barcelona and substitute Suárez.

‘The Commander’ did not give up and he was ready to return in summer, but bad luck came in again. Chimy is a strong, physical and astute player. He makes a high an intense pressure constantly and he does not avoid any battle to get the ball. He has also shown these abilities in practices, and it was precisely during the last session before making the debut in the current season against Cádiz that he tore the ligament again, this time on his right knee. That brave and uncommon playing style that attracted the recruitment for the ‘Chimy soldiers’ held him off. However, nobody can stop such an special player, otherwise he would not be him.

Anyone would have quit or just would not have such a tough mindset to overcome the situation after these two consecutive serious injuries. Not Chimy. The Argentinian is ready to step back on the field. His team, his coach and his crowd know that he will be an important player for the last part of the season if they are patience enough.

Maybe he would no be playing for another club if that game against levante would have gone normal. However, assumptions are useless. Chimy´s hard work and spirit have earned him a new opportunity and now we will see again his best shape. Chimy Ávila is back.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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