If any Sevilla fan does not know Anthony Martial, he might probably think that his team has just signed a world class player. However, the reality is that is time at Manchester United has left more shadows than lights.

The 26 years old French striker has accumulated seven seasons (including the current one) in England. He reached his top level in the 2019-2020 campaign, both in his game and statistically –23 goals and eight assists in 48 matches-.

However, if we had to describe Anthony Martial in a single word, this would be ‘inconsistent’. In fact, Martial is a player known for his lack or null intensity. He tends terribly to apathy on the field and that has really harmed his career.

It is clear that not everything is negative. Anthony Martial has enough talent and dribbling in short spaces is his main strength. Furthermore, he is able to play as a striker or as a playmaker (he is not a winger, unlike what is being said on social media).

In both cases, the French’s game is based on overcoming opponents to look for either an assist or for his characteristic shot to the long post. The problem is that he does not offer anything else and the defects mentioned before have made him a bland player in the last few years.

“Sometimes you have to vary the way you attack the rivals and you can’t always have the ball on your feet. He did not take as much advantage as he should have on earning defender’s back. When you see Mané, sometimes Rashford, Sterling, they do not always ask for the ball to their feet, as that is an easy play to read for the defenders, said Rio Ferdinand recently.

“You have to vary the ways to attack and I just think that he has not done that enough […]. If you want to be a winning team, you can’t have inconsistent players in your roster”, added the Englishman.

Anthony Martial has run out of time at Old Trafford. Both the fans and the club wanted to find him an exit and the player himself needed a change of scenery. New team, new league and new country. He will have to get used to it and he is supposed to stay only for six months.

But who knows? Maybe he will manage to meet again with his best version at Sevilla and finally find his ideal place.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @SevillaFC.

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