Manchester United has become an authentic circle. Or maybe, they have been this way for a long time. Specific, since the exit of Sir Alex Ferguson and the establishment in charge of the Glazer family.

It is not the first time that here, at ELXIIDEAL, we have explained how these owners have deconstructed one of the best clubs in the world in just a matter of years. Poor signing politic, series of coaches extremely different, growth of the debt of the club…

All in all, it is not a coincidence that the ‘Red Devils’ are in this current situation. In fact, this is a logical outcome. Ole Gunnar Solskjær returned the excitement to Old Trafford, but last year we discovered that it was just that: an illusion.

The team was ready to take the next step and the opportunity to sign Erik ten Hag arose. The Dutch coach matched with the style that Solskjær had implanted: offensive football through functional playing (the counterpart to the globalized position playing).

However, his addition was imposible before ending the current season and they opted for Ralf Rangnick. Pure German School. Now after six games, Sky Sport reports that close sources to the locker room talk about difficulties from some players for them to adapt to his system.

In reality, the leaks regarding to Manchester United have increased in the last few days and the situation that they are showing is actually depressing. It is being said that there is lack of leadership, unsatisfied players with the new coach and others that want to leave the club as soon as possible.

Luke Shaw himself had this to say after their loss against the Wolves: “I think that quality is sometimes not enough. As I have said, we need to have more intensity, be more aggressive and have more motivation”.

“I am not saying that nobody does it, but winning these kind of games against a difficult team like the Wolves requires us to be 100% committed. […]. Maybe the coach can give us more ideas on what he wants on the field”, he added.

Gary Neville expressed after the game against Newcastle as well that he sees a conflict regarding to the spirit of the locker room. “There is a leadership struggle going on. Harry Maguire is the captain, but he does not feel like the captain”.

The fact that these leaks are taking place prove that the atmosphere is toxic at Carrington. If you ask me, what I have clear is that these players are showing a tremendous indiscipline and unforgivable attitudes.

The performing from many of them speaks for itself. Mourinho did not hesitate to point out to the locker room in the past and time has proved him right. Rangnick has just arrived, he can’t be blamed for anything.

This way, if this is about pointing out with the finger, I opt for first blaming the Glazer and then the locker room.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Twitter @ManUtd.

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