Daniel Wass is the new sign of Atlético de Madrid. The international Danish, whose contract with Valencia expired in June, was the best positioned to substitute Kieran Trippier, who was transferred to Newcastle United at the start of January. Wass’s addition to Atlético has been completed in exchange for 2,7 million euros plus bonuses.

Daniel Wass is a market opportunity for Atlético de Madrid, as he is not precisely a similar profile to Trippier. In fact, the Danish player is not even a pure right back, as he has been forced to play in that position for the last few seasons due to Valencia’s short roster.

His natural position is the midfield, and that has been the area where coach Bordalás has used him the most during the current season. From my point of view, he performs his best as a midfielder as well. He is a player that fits in perfectly with Cholo Simeone’s philosophy, as he is a tactically disciplined, hard worker and committed footballer, whose biggest qualities are both long passes and shooting.

He is a total ‘Atlético style’ player but, precisely, he will not change at all what the team already looks like, but instead will add depth to the squad and provide the coach with different options both in the midfield and the right back positions.

Daniel Wass has played his best in the midfield, but he has come to play as a full back. This way, he does not solve entirely the goal that Atlético had set themselves to accomplish after Trippier’s exit (to sign a pure right back). For this reason, the operation is based on a great market opportunity to add polyvalence in the middle and the wing.

In any case, Marcos Llorente will now be able to return to his main position, as Atlético expect to make a big investment on that position in summer. The most ideal and reasonable option would have been to sign César Azpilicueta, but his importance at Chelsea has ruled out the possibility for him to leave the ‘Blues’ now.

Atlético had made the right call by signing Wass because he is a player that can increase the level of the rotation in two key areas on the field but, in the end, this is just a partial solution until June.

Main image: Twitter @Atleti.

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