A few days ago we saw an action that impacted us. Alex Caruso got injured after his arm was pulled down by Grayson Allen when he was about to make a dunk. The referee called a flagrant foul of type 2 on the Milwaukee Bucks player, but the thing did not stop there.

The Chicago Bulls point guard fractured his left wrist and it could have been much worst. A bad fall and we could even be talking about retiring, as his coach Billy Donovan said himself: “It was really, really bad. You know, for Alex to be in the air like that and for him to take him down like that, you could’ve ended his career. And he has a history of this. And that to me was really dangerous”. But beyond the fall and the injury, we must analyze deeper these kind of conducts.

Grayson Allen did not even apologized to Caruso. In fact, he left the court laughing. It is not the first dangerous foul that the Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard commits. He is a dirty player since college. You can look up for his highlights where you will find more fouls than outstanding plays. There will always be some aggressive players on their game, but Allen’s crosses the line.

The sanction from the NBA:

The league has finally decided to sanction him with one game suspension. I personally believe that that is a very soft punishment. Because we know that this is not an isolated case. Grayson Allen deserves a suspension regarding to his unsportsmanlike trajectory. We can’t allow these kind of actions to become usual in the NBA. Players like Grayson Allen stain the name of this sport. Because Caruso will miss six to eight weeks, but who knows if he could have missed his career due to this unjustifiable actions.

Do you think that Grayson Allen’s sanction is fair?

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Chicago Bulls.

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