The Minnesota Timberwolves have finally created a solid project after multiple years of failures and high expectations that were not met. They are going to end the season on a positive balance and the fans now have reasons to believe. How far can they get?

Solid on court product:

The season from the Timberwolves is in the news. The great job from coach Chris Finch in charge of this squad is a key factor. He is managing to make the most out of the mixture that the Minnesota Timberwolves count on both with young talented players like Anthony Edwards and veterans such as D’Angelo Russell or KAT. The team has established itself offensively added to the effort on defense and aggressiveness in their game.

They are now 7th in the West right behind the Denver Nuggets, but the table is certainly tight. They have chances to make it to the Playoffs directly or they might end up having to first go into the Play-In round. This is a delicate situation that makes all their pending games in the regular season to be played with an extra motivation in order to reach the finals as soon as possible.

The return of KAT:

Karl-Anthony Towns has returned to show a level that he had not seen in years. The center has gone through some difficult circumstances off the court that certainly influenced his game. He had a very poor season last year, as he finished with his worst scoring numbers.

Now the Dominican has returned to his best shape. He has stepped up and become the leader that his team needs more than ever before. He averages 24.9 points, 9.8 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game. These stats really reflect the great level from Towns. He is the best player in the Minnesota Timberwolves at points, rebounds, blocks, free throws and triples.

We can’t not leave unnoticed the historical night for KAT against the San Antonio Spurs, as he became into the first player in the history of the Minnesota Timberwolves to score 60 points. Moreover, he also finished with 17 rebounds in a night for the ages.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

Main image: Minnesota Timberwolves website.

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