In Summer 2020 after the reality check that Barcelona experienced against Bayern Munich, Luis Suárez received a call by new head coach Ronald Koeman that lasted barely a minute and was used to kick him out of the team.

The Dutch coach considered that 32 years old striker by then plus with some issues on his knee couldn´t add anything else to the team and was a necessity to sell him in order to start a rebuild process where key players from the last few years would all be transferred.

On a very intelligent movement, and after a preseason where Suárez was left out of the team and had to do individual training, President Bartomeu by then thought that giving him to Atlético was a great idea, as he was not a good player anymore.

Cholo Simeone, aware of the huge difference that his kind of players can make on the field, did not doubt for a second to accept the gift. The rest is story: Suárez scored 21 goals in LaLiga and gave the title to Atlético proving that Bartomeu and Koeman were both wrong.

However, Suárez still had to take revenge through a celebration of the goal against his old team in order to close the circle. The Uruguayan player was key in Atlético´s 2-0 win over Barcelona, as he assisted to Lemar in the first goal and scored the second one in two identical actions where Joao, Lemar and Suárez overcame Barça´s poor defense while Koeman was witnessing it from the vip area.

“This was for the people who have my number so they can know that I have the same one, I have not changed it…”

Luis Suárez to Movistar

Suárez decided to distribute justice just as the Metropolitano crowd celebrated his goal: first, he apologized to Barça fans and the club, as they have nothing to do with the inept that are in charge. Then, he answered Koeman´s call where he kicked him out of the team a couple years ago. A call that Koeman used to put an early end to the kingdom of third historical scorer for Barcelona and whose spot is today taken by Luuk de Jong.

It is said that time puts everything in place and the process in this triangle is underway: Bartomeu is out and Suárez scoring goals. Now Koeman must be fired.

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