The sack of Levante´s head coach Paco López proves once again that football can be very unfair. One day you lead a project that brings the excitement back to the fans and the other you are out due to a serie of negative outcomes. Memory is short in this beautiful sport: the present and the future are in charge. Indeed there are a few exceptions like the relationships of Cholo-Atleti and Cervera-Cádiz.

This is in some way logical. If something does not work there is a negative trend and the atmosphere around is not the best one; Furthermore, optimism to believe that the job done in the past will change the streak ends up being faded away.

However, and from my point of view, Paco López had earned a width margin of confidence. He took over a team sunk in a deep sporting crisis back in 2018 and he has managed to avoid relegation in the last three seasons. He has made some mistakes as any other coach, but he always gave his best to fix them and was able to do so.

It is true that he had a serious data on his back: 16 games without winning (the first eight of this season plus the last eight of the last campaign); the reality is that Osasuna went through a similar situation a year ago and unlike the club from the Ciutat de València, the club was patient and believed in Arrasate to maintain him in the job. In the long term, that has been the right call.

Paco López brought his own philosophy and obtained a tight bond between the team and the fans. Levante started their growth and the roster improved, but the board of directors was unable to take one more step forward, aim for bigger goals and strengthen his job in order to accomplish them. Now he is the one who pays for it and has lo leave the club of his life.

“It has been an honor to be part of this team. I consider this my home. This is a day to thank for giving me this opportunity”

Paco López on his farewell from Levante

His farewell has been just as the kind of the great professional he is. An era has been closed with an unfair decision and views into the future. Football has no memory.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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