João Félix faces his third season at Atlético de Madrid knowing that this must be the definitive year to finally shine regularly on the Metropolitano’s pitch, as his first two campaigns have been marked by an adaptation period and multiple injuries that have prevented him from performing as expected.

Everyone knows of the amazing talent by the ‘Menino de Oro’, but it is also true that his time has come now to take a step forward and become the decisive player Atlético made their biggest investment in history for.

João Félix has had two very average years under Cholo so far, as his stats show: Only 13 goals and 6 assists in 58 LaLiga games.

The pressure on his price tag added to his young age might have been the main causes to decrease his confidence when he has not performed at his highest, but for one reason or the other he has not responded as expected.

His characteristics as a player, pure talent and not that much defensive sacrifice in a team where the fight is not negotiated makes him to be a diamond that ‘El Cholo’ will get the most out of only if João Félix helps in the process.

A similar situation took place during Griezmann’s first year under Simeone, a transition price that these kind of players must pay to explode and reach the peak of a club where every piece is perfectly set.

As his injury on the ankle has supposedly been solved after going through surgery, plus the fact that now he counts on the the needed experience at Atlético after spending two years at a club where the competitive demand is huge, João Félix has run out of time for adaptation and compassion and must start to shine regularly.

The new season will be his acid test if he wants to be an important player for Simeone.

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