An Atlético vs Madrid is always an intense derby. A match where every battle for the ball counts, where both crowds want to win in order to bother the other even more than just for their own benefit. It is just like these. They are both the two teams from the capital, an unpublished context and the liga title to fight for, even though it already seemed put away from Real about a month ago.

Simeone and Zidane are two of the most charismatic football coaches worldwide. Simeone has come Atlético alive again, he rescued the team from almost being in relegation and then built the Wand Metropolitano Stadium thanks to his achievements. now the club is where it belongs to, the Champions League and the ‘top 4’ in Spain.

Zidane is a symbol for Real Madrid, a coach that was accused of just making lineups and who then was supplicated to come back when he left. An ex playmaker (on the field) who transmits his knowledge as a player to other players, to footballers that feel understood by a man who has been in their shoes. They are both icons in the capital. They are both the leaders of two different ways to be and to understand life.

Trippier-Carrasco, the Rojiblanco´s power on the wing:

Cholo can count on Trippier and Carrasco for the game of the season, two full backs that have become key parts for his new system in order to take the ball to the wings and make offensive runs. It is not a coincidence that Atlético have passed their worst month of the season without them on the field.

On the other hand, Simeone´s approach is a total unknown, Atlético should go out with a high pressure and with the goal to take over the ball and dominate the game, since they play at home. They must put away the title for Madrid. That translates into starting with Joao (this way they would be sending an ambitious message to the rival) and Lemar, a player that has gotten back all his confidence. It takes to go for the game without speculations. ‘El Cholo’, Atlético´s God, sometimes is too conservative in this kind of games and he ends up paying for it. He must step up if he wants to beat Zidane for the first time at the Metropolitano.

Solid base, ultimate chance:

Madrid believe in la liga and they have joined the race for the title in the last few weeks, but they could get out of it today, and this time would be definitive. Everything but a win in the derby would considerably decrease their chances, it would be a wasted opportunity. They have more to lose than to win.

The Metropolitano will host a battle that will either take us out of doubt or increase them. The capital´s derby will stop LaLiga´s pulse for 90 minutes and then we will see which color it turns into after the game.

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