Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid second era has begun. Zidane and Ramos left and maybe someone else will. However, due to the delicate economical situation that the ‘Whites’ are going through, the chance to compete any transfer seems very unlikely to happen, which is the reason why many players would have the opportunity to convince the Italian coach and earn a spot in the starting eleven.

This situation must be added to the fact that Real Madrid will find it hard to find an exit for players who have a high salary contract plus a low recent performing. With no ‘galácticos’ in the roster -unless Mbappé ends up joining in- Ancelotti’s job will consist of recovering/finding the best version (or a similar one) of those who are returning like Ceballos, Ødegaard, Jović, Vallejo or Bale; and the ones who barely played with Zidane, like Isco and Marcelo.

These are some of the names, but the list could be even longer. This is all due to the unquestionable management on the roster by Real Madrid in the last few years, ironically. If we focus on who has real chances to be an important player under the Italian coach, the ber of candidates gets decreased considerably.

Isco and Marcelo:

They might have a certain advantage towards the others, as they now Carlo Ancelotti well and were key pieces in those two seasons. Now the situation has changed and the love and the memories that the Italian has on his memory from the talent they showed will not be enough. It has been seven years and, even though they can count on extra confidence from him, they must return his belief on work and sacrifice. It is very clear that Marcelo, for example, will more than likely not be a starter, but he has the opportunity to redeem himself from his poor season and leave Real Madrid on a high note.

On the other hand, Isco has started the preseason with a different attitude. As a consequence, Ancelotti has praised him and seems to have shown high expectations on his progressive gowth. This is a similar case to what happened with James Rodríguez at Everton. At the age of 29, Isco is required to take a step forward to leave that 25/30′ player role.

Ceballos and Ødegaard:

The ex ‘Gunners’ return with different vibes after their experience in the Premier League. First of all, Dani Ceballos spent his second year in London and is hard to define is performing as well. He had excellent times but also poor ones. His irregularity has been an issue for Mikel Arteta and Arsenal finally decided to not extend their loan.

He is one of the few players who has not worked with Ancelotti before, but he has already expressed his desire to succeed at Real Madrid. There are no doubts about his talent and he could add a lot to a midfield that dealt with a fitness issue last season. Ceballos will stay unless Real Madrid get a great offer.

Ødegaard is a different case. The Norwegian is one of the hopes both for the club and the fans. However, his first great chance at the first team did not go as expected and run out both Zidane and Ødegaard’s himself patience. He left to Arsenal last winter, where he has stood out in the last six months and Arteta’s interest on him returning is well known.

Real Madrid’s plans on Ødegaard are simple. Of a really good offer does not take place, the idea is that the young 22 years old gets some experience at the club and battles for a spot in the starting eleven. He has not met again with the coach whosde him to debut when he was only 16 years old and he is now one of the most talented players in the roster. Now those virtues will not be enough to achieve the set goals for a club that ended their year with no titles.

Translated by Guillermo Bermejo.

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