February is synonim of the start of the decisive part of the season mostly because the Champions League is back, that competition that provides us with the highest level and most morbid games that can be seen in the planet.

The longed for title for many that just an elite group has ever conquered, with Real Madrid on top of the European glory, leaves us legendary meets that mythify the magic of this sport and extol the attraction of the most media game in the world taking to its highest expression.

The knockout between Paris Saint Germain and Real Madrid is the perfect example of a stars bloom on the field with morbid everywhere.

If the most expected duel provokes adrenaline just by pronouncing the names that lead this game, the way that the round of 16 draw ended up like maybe anticipated what was about to happen.

“A technical problem with the software”, said the UEFA statement after the first wrong draw that had to be repeated, as teams that couldn’t face each other off were picked up to play against each other. As a result, some teams were lucky and others just couldn’t believe the final outcome.

It seems like destiny wanted a game between two teams that will produce some reunions and also might anticipate what is about to come up on the transfer market.

Think about which name you are most focused on: Sergio Ramos (out for the first round, but might be able to play at the Bernabéu) facing against his life’s club (plus other reunions like the cases of Di María, Keylor Navas and Achraf); Messi, the symbol of FC Barcelona taking on one of his most favorite victims; Neymar, the eternal name in the wishes list of Florentino; and Mbappé, the future, the chosen one to lead the next decade and be the main character of the new Bernabéu opening ceremony. The new galactic.

The match between the historical powerful and the artificial candidate represents the battle for current football’s throne and displays a tactical duel on the field, the meet of the biggest stars all together and, beyond it all, a morbid explosion for finding out not only who gets to pick up the win and the later consequences, but specially who will star the main action to make it all blow up.

Football can’t be explained at all and the duel between PSG and Real Madrid will be mostly based on the emotional factor of a knockout that aims to be epic and full of morbid.

Main image: Edit José Manuel Calviño Merino.

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